Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Slowing Down the Blur

One thing that I have frequently heard, especially from mothers of children close in age, is that their child's childhood passed in a blur. Especially the beginning years when lack of sleep causes you to focus on just getting through the day. This upset me. Babies are only babies for so long and being told I wouldn't remember much of my baby's babyhood was disappointing. Who wants to forget those moments? Certainly not me! I wanted and needed to remember each moment I possibly could. Since it didn't sound very possible I was encouraged and determined to begin this blog.

Attempt #1 - A basic shot.

The other reason was that it was something for me. I have always loved writing and growing up I would write all sorts of poems, stories and devotionals. I had quite a few diaries and notebooks and created a family newsletter for my family. It was my favorite hobby and oft times was very therapeutic for me. Since I have gotten older I have had many blogs but never a purpose to stick with them. Now I do. I love this because it gives me the best of both worlds. It's a place to slow down the blur of life and record the memories for my own little family. It's also a place where I can reignite my love for writing and it gives me a much needed hobby. 

Attempt #2 - This is where I tried to get creative with the angle.

It's not the only hobby I want to have. I could easily write a thousand words and as you may have found, I've come pretty close to it but sometimes a picture is so much better. Lucky for me I am married to a very talented man. One of Dustin's many interests is in photography and he has taken our maternity pictures, Everett's baby pictures, Christmas pictures as well as pictures of some very special moments. And so with his help I am also attempting to take up photography. Not professionally but just for us and for me.

I practiced a few shots on my favorite subject, Everett. I didn't do so hot. The focus is off and I am not as steady or quick as I need to be to get a great photo but I know I'll learn. Dustin is also teaching me how to edit the pictures I take. This will take a lot longer as I don't really have the eye for it as he does but again, I know this will come with time and experience. It's worth a try and seems to be a great hobby worth having. Especially if my goal is to slow down the blur.

Future attempts ended when Little Man decided he was done.

With this being said, you have been forewarned. The pictures you are about to see in future posts may not be eye catching or wonderful but this girl is ready to learn new things. I love staying at home and I am looking forward to having two babies but I need and want something just for me. A hobby. And what better hobby than one that causes me to slow down a little and enjoy the joy of each day and not just survive it. I'm looking forward to it.

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