Monday, April 28, 2014

A Lazy Saturday Adventure

Sometimes when the weather is nice, the day ahead is empty of plans and you want somewhere to go, you go for a drive. Which is exactly what we did this past Saturday.

The age old question. East or West?

We had a destination in mind though we got a little turned around on the journey there. But a phone call to a knowing source got us back on track. We finally arrived at Red Rabbit, a drive-in that makes great food though I have only ever had the bunny burger.


 Once you have one of these you don't need to try anything else. They are the bessst.

He slept through another first but we were able to eat in peace.

Next stop was Hilsher's General Store. A nifty little place that had all sorts of items from paint and supplies to ice cream makers to clothing to a deli. We found and purchased an apple/potato peeler and corer we've been wanting. Dustin is determined to try making ribbon fries by adding a drill on the end of the peeler. We'll see how that goes, should be interesting for sure.

Yes, those are my two guys you see who "patiently" waited for me to take a picture. ;-)

After that we just enjoyed the trip home which was, for most of the way, a ride along the river.

The Statue of Liberty - No, it's not the real one.

It was a perfect Saturday adventure with my two favorite people. 

I'm looking forward to creating more of these memories with our little family in the years ahead.

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