Friday, May 2, 2014

Highlight Reel: Seeing Reid

The major highlight of this week was seeing little man 2 again. At our last ultrasound the doctor was unable to see Reid's spine very clearly and wanted to make sure everything was okay. He had no hidden concerns, he just wanted to confirm after a better look. This time my mom and sister came with me since Dustin had to work. My sister was so excited and had been counting down the days even more so than I had been. We waited for over an hour and poor Everett was bored out of his mind. I was so glad my mom was there, she is obviously great with Everett and she is great at keeping me calm when I start stressing. Of course having six kids sort of teaches you to go with the flow, a lesson I am still learning but will hopefully figure out real soon.

This time they were able to see the spine and they said everything looked great. I am so thankful for this report! Even though the doctor said he was not worried it was wonderful to hear the confirmation. I realized that I take a lot for granted, especially the health of my family, I am thankful that this baby is healthy and growing well.Though I often assume everything is great sometimes it isn't always this way and I am thankful for God's blessing in this area.

Reid was much more active this time and the ultrasound tech was able to get some great 3D pictures of his little face. You can only tell so much from these but he's a cutie! His little features are so perfect and I am thinking that maybe this little boy will be the min Dustin look-a-like I've been hoping for. We'll see!

Apparently Reid has some hair, the supposed evidence in the picture above. The little "bubbles" are supposed to represent that. We'll believe it when we see it though since we were told the same with Everett and he was born bald! Hair or not though he is already perfect. I'm 23 weeks now and almost to the third trimester. We only have 17ish weeks left to go before he is here and we're so excited to meet him!


This little boy loves fabric and one of his favorite past times is quickly becoming "helping" me with clean laundry. After he took off with one of Dustin's shirts I have learned to give him something to play with until I'm done. He loves to rub the clothes all over his face. He has also taken off with the kitchen towels, used my skirt while I am wearing it and any other fabric he can find. Now we know, if any item of clothing is missing, who our first suspect will be. :)


It's bird feeder season and Dustin had been wanting a bird feeder for our backyard. We bought a bird feeder that was squirrel proof and brought it home to hang. The idea was to hang it outside of our kitchen window. Our kitchen is technically on the second floor and Dustin decided to crawl through to window to hang the bird feeder. In theory, he would be okay though because this pregnant woman would hold his legs to keep him from falling. We actually tried this crazy idea but thankfully, quickly ruled it out.

The whole process was pretty entertaining though. In the end it was decided to put it on our back deck. We've had a few birds but our most frequent visitor has been this guy. 

Yeah, our squirrel-free bird feeder is not squirrel-free. Not sure why we were surprised by this. We didn't put it in the best location and squirrels are smart. We've learned that lesson the hard way. Despite all this the bird feeder is there to stay, I'm sure we'll figure something out. 


We've been feeding Everett baby food for a few weeks now and it is going pretty well. He's not a fan of green vegetables or peaches but for the most part likes everything else we feed him. But the other day one of his favorites, sweet potatoes, wore him out. Poor little man was so tired and ready for his afternoon nap that he couldn't make it through lunch time.

I had to get a video. I woke him up with my laughing but he was so tired he went back to sleep. He was out! Not only was it too cute but it was the easiest clean-up ever. Usually he cries and fights me but he was so tired he slept through it.


This past week has been very busy and a little hectic. Situations arise that remind us that we are not in control and sometimes this is a stressful reminder. I am thankful that we know who is in control and know He will make a way. He has done so already so many times. Our God is a knowing God who is always, always on time and we're thanking Him for His many blessings and trusting Him with our needs. And we know He will for He is ever faithful.

"I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread. He is ever merciful, and lendeth; and his seed is blessed."
Psalm 37:25-26

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