Saturday, September 20, 2014

Highlight Reel: Missing Dustin

In the beginning of July Dustin started his new job as an IT specialist. One of the requirements of this new job was from time to time traveling to various locations to set up wireless networks. His first trip was this month and for twelve days he was in Tracy, California for work. To say we really missed him is the understatement of the year right after “looks like you’ve got your hands full.” Thankfully there is a wonderful little invention called Facetime so we were able to see each other along with calling and texting when the opportunities arose. There is a three hour time difference so we had to figure out the best times to Facetime with Everett, it often worked best in the morning and this worked great. Poor Everett really missed his daddy but seeing and talking to him helped a lot. He would light up when he saw him and try to touch him by touching the screen.

Dustin & Everett

Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Brother Photo Shoot

When Reid was born we knew we wanted to do newborn pictures like we did for Everett. I also wanted to incorporate the big brother in some of the shots as well. Our photo shoot ended up being shot unintentionally in two parts. Dustin took the first few pictures of Reid but Reid wasn’t very interested so we didn’t get very many. Due to Dustin’s work schedule he wasn’t able to take any at another time so I attempted them myself. Dustin has the talent in the family for sure so mine did not turn out as well but at least we have some. Hopefully we’ll have better luck with Reid's three month pictures!

Our little Reid is a wide eyed little boy. Right now, at two weeks old, his eyes are still a dark blue and his hair is a darker blonde. When he is awake he is very awake and alert, even at so young he is often looking around and taking things in. The best he can anyway!


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Family of Four

As you can imagine the Kramer household has been a little busy lately as we welcomed the fourth member of our family two weeks ago today. We've been adjusting to the newness of it all and getting to know Reid and his personality. Despite the chaos it's time to jump back in the blogger saddle again before time slips away from me and I lose sight of my goal!

The day we came home from the hospital was interesting. Everett was still very unhappy with us when we picked him up and there were tears from both of us as we headed home. Tears on his part because he did not want to be with those who "betrayed" him and on my part because I felt my baby would no longer love me. Once we arrived home though we were able to have a moment and after much snuggling, playing and showing him attention he slowly was our happy little boy again. Not that he wasn't happy at Mimi & Papa's house. He very much enjoyed his time with them and we are grateful that he was shown the love and attention we couldn't give him at the time, especially when his little world was turned upside down and he needed it.



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