Thursday, July 30, 2015

Well Hello Paradise

It’s no secret that Dustin travels and he has traveled to and experienced many unique places. His most recent trip was to Hawaii but this time, thanks to accumulated airline miles, I was able to go too! The boys stayed with both sets of Grandparents to be indulged and spoiled and thanks to this they didn’t seem to miss us too much. In fact I’m pretty sure we missed them much more than they missed us! Dustin was scheduled to be there for two weeks and I flew out to join him making a total of ten days for us to enjoy the island. There are ton of pictures in those post, none of which I have edited, but even if I did they still don’t do the place justice!

IMG_2634 - Copy

Sunday, July 12, 2015

InstaPost: Lake Tobias

Dustin was recently able to take a week off work and while we didn’t do too much one fun thing we did do was visit Lake Tobias. Lake Tobias is a wildlife park that is home to all sorts of animals some of which are “wild” on a large piece of land. These animals are visited by riding a safari tour which is very cool because they come right up to the open air bus.

Our animal adventure started with the safari tour.


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

InstaPost: Summertime Fun

Our Summer has picked up and we’ve been keeping busy with all the fun Summertime brings. Here are a few highlights.

Our church had a family cook-out in June and the kiddos were very into the water balloons. Though they were too little to really enjoy the full benefits of them they did enjoy doing their best to try and pick them up.



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