Tuesday, July 7, 2015

InstaPost: Summertime Fun

Our Summer has picked up and we’ve been keeping busy with all the fun Summertime brings. Here are a few highlights.

Our church had a family cook-out in June and the kiddos were very into the water balloons. Though they were too little to really enjoy the full benefits of them they did enjoy doing their best to try and pick them up.


The rest of the time they loved to swing. If they weren’t doubled up in the baby swing they were swinging on my lap in the “big” swing.


We also enjoyed fireworks over July 4th weekend. The first set were at a cook-out at a friend’s house. Everett loved hanging out with all of his friends and enjoyed witnessing the fireworks with them as well.


The second set were at Mimi & Papa’s house. Some of these made noise and even though they were a first for the boys they both did really well! They stayed close to their grandparents on the front porch but neither of them cried or wanted to go inside.

Dallas and Sadie had the best view on top of their car.


Another Summertime fun is the pool that Dustin’s parents put in their back yard. Dustin helped with some of the pool installation process and of course Everett wanted to help too.


When Everett wasn’t helping he supervised with Papa the Great and Reid.


Once the pool was set up Dustin took Reid in and he loved it! He is definitely our little water baby.


Everett, who is much more cautious, wanted and still does not want anything to do with the pool. He was content to explore the yard and sneak blueberries off of the blueberry bush even though they weren’t ripe yet. Silly kid! We’re hoping he’ll come around to loving the pool soon.


In other news Everett and Reid made a new puppy friend named Bella. Everett who is usually unsure of dogs loved her and would even give her kisses.


When Everett wasn’t playing with new puppy friends he was playing with human friends,


trying pickles which he wasn’t a fan of,


and being the best big brother he can be.


Our little goofs will be one and two next month and they both continue to keep us busy but laughing. Everett’s new thing is laying his hands on people’s heads and praying for them, saying “hallelujah” over and over. Reid is prayed over quite often. And Reid is turning into quite the little walking machine! He is walking all over the place now and has learned how to stand up on his own by pushing up off the floor. He is still crawling but walking is becoming more and more his choice of getting around.


As for Dustin and I, we’re excited about an opportunity to go on vacation this year but more on that later!


Until then we’re keeping busy with our boys.


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