Thursday, February 26, 2015

Little Muscle Builders

Lately it seems my days are often spent with not just one baby in my arms but two. Reid is a clingy little man and often wants to be held and Everett, I guess, not wanting to be left out wants to be held too. So this Mom has been building muscle by carting both of her boys everywhere. I’m almost ashamed to admit this but I use to complain about it. I felt overwhelmed at times by having these little people need me all of the time but a fellow mom whose boys are now teenagers told me to enjoy it because her boys no longer “need” her and she missed it. And I realized that there will come a time when my boys will not want to be held and this will evolve into it no longer being possible and frankly, plain weird. One day they will not only be able to fend for themselves but want to and in the future, hopefully way, way in the future, there will come a day when another woman cares for them. I will always be here for them but this part of being their mom only lasts for a short season. And while this season is at times overwhelming and exhausting, it is a very beautiful and rewarding season as well.

Reid, Karissa & Everett

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Photographing Everett & Reid

If you haven’t noticed my favorite pictures are pictures of the boys together. I love watching their interactions and I do the best I can to snap photos of those interactions. I love knowing that when they are older they will have so many pictures of them together and that Dustin and I will have so many to look back on. But as far as posed pictures go it is pretty difficult to get a great shot for a few reasons.

1. It’s hard to get both boys to look.

Reid & Everett

Friday, February 20, 2015

Highlight Reel: Asian Travels & Support Systems

I mentioned in the previous post that Dustin was in Asia for work. He was gone for ten days which were split up between Japan, Korea & Okinawa. Between working, traveling from place to place and catching up on sleep he didn’t have much time to really see anything but he was able to take a few pictures.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine’s Day 2015

This year, 2015, Valentine’s Day came a week early for our family. Dustin was going to be in Asia for work on Valentine’s Day so for us, Valentine’s Day was February 3rd.

Last year on Valentine’s Day I was determined to start a new tradition and so this year I was excited for our second annual V-day dinner.

Valentine's Day 2015

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Catch Up Post Part III - Family

If you missed it, check out Catch Up Post Part II – Reid and Catch Up Post Part I – Everett.


My day usually starts with Reid waking up and ready to start the day. As little as he is, he likes a change of scenery and is okay with staying in bed for only so long before he is ready for me to get up and get moving. Once I do, I usually end up in Everett’s room where another anxious little boy is also ready to get the day started. And one of the first things he does to start his day is to reach for his baby brother and give him a hug and a kiss. And this is what he does every morning.

Everett & Reid

Catch Up Post Part II - Reid

If you missed it, check out Catch Up Post Part I – Everett and Catch Up Post Part III – Family.


Reid is five and half months old and getting to be quite active. He rolls over almost as soon as I lay him on the floor, loves to jump and be bounced and watches everything.


Catch Up Post Part I - Everett

Remember that last post where I was hyperventilating about being behind on posting? Well, this is the reason why. After saving all forty-two pictures I felt were blog worthy I realized I had a lot of memories I needed to blog about and the easiest way was to spread it out into three separate posts, a post for Everett, a post for Reid and a post about the family. Most of these pictures were taken on my phone and have already been on Instagram but I’m sharing them here for record keeping sake. This particular post is about Everett.



Friday, February 6, 2015

Highlight Reel: Common Sights

I’ve been sitting on this unfinished draft for a few weeks now and once again I am forced to finish and publish because I have found myself knee-deep in pictures and blog post ideas I need to write before I become even more overwhelmed. And take a deep breath… So, after weeks of silence here it goes.


Life with two babies is crazy and chaotic but there are a few sights in our home that are common to see. One of the most common sights is Reid in his car seat with a bottle propped up. I discovered this trick when Dustin was away on one of his work trips and both boys were having meltdowns. Reid was easily satisfied which left me able to care for Everett who needed a bit more attention. This is my go to quite often and as I mentioned before is the only way he’ll fall asleep without being held.



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