Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Catch Up Post Part II - Reid

If you missed it, check out Catch Up Post Part I – Everett and Catch Up Post Part III – Family.


Reid is five and half months old and getting to be quite active. He rolls over almost as soon as I lay him on the floor, loves to jump and be bounced and watches everything.


He loves to watch his big brother and often will just watch him and smile. Dustin and I often get a kick out of his timing though because sometimes when Everett is in distress and is in tears about something, Reid will be watching him smiling away. Sometimes he even lets out one of his baby chuckles. He puts up with a lot from his big brother, who loves him immensely, but his loving can be a little rough sometimes. My parents found this shirt which says “Little Brave Brother” and it fits him to a tee. No pun intended.


The other day I took this picture of Reid and was reminded that around the same time period I had taken a similar picture of Everett. He had the same shirt on and was playing with his feet as well.

photo 2(13)

Of course I had to find that particular picture of Everett and compare the two. You can definitely tell they are brothers, especially as Reid continues to grow and change, but they still have a look all their own. And both are incredibly cute if I do say so myself.

photo 1(1)

And speaking of as he grows, Reid Man’s little personality is starting to shine through. Like Everett who often goes on little rants, Reid is starting to “talk” more and can sometimes be quite long winded. And he is also curious and is always reaching forward to grab anything he can touch. At a restaurant the other day he, oh so conveniently, grabbed my basket knocking out my sub and spilling lettuce everywhere. I guess it’s his way of trying new food and speaking of which, we have tried rice cereal about four times and each time he refuses to swallow it. He makes a face as though it’s the worst food he has ever had and sits there with his mouth open. I’m thinking I will try something else, I’m not sure if he just doesn’t like rice cereal or if he still isn’t ready to eat solids. But considering he is nearing six months we’re thinking he just isn't a fan of this particular baby dish.

photo 3(12)

He loves to be on the floor playing with his toys and he holds himself up in the “baby push-up” pretty well. 


He is definitely growing fast and has discovered another major milestone. Well, actually two but first he is sitting up on his own!


It started out with propping himself up but then when I actually sat him up he stayed that way and for quite some time too.


And the more he sits the better he gets. I was so glad that Dustin was able to see this, this happened right before Dustin left on one of his work trips and he was able to witness it.


But he proved just how big he is getting in a major way the other day. I had sat him in his bassinet as I was getting ready only to look and see that he had pulled himself up and was standing! I’m not even joking, I could not believe he did that and especially at five and half months too! I sat him back down and watched to see if he would do it again. He didn’t pull himself all the way up again but he certainly did keep trying. As exciting as it was I’m not quite sure I’m ready for that. I think my baby needs to just stick with sitting but with his determination and his love of his big brother I’m not sure how long that is going to last.


It’s hard to believe that my baby, baby is almost halfway there to being a year old. I often feel guilty because with two so close together I often find myself mentally hurrying him along but once he does do something that shows me he is hurrying along I want him to slow down. They are only babies for so long and seeing as he most likely is our last I have to savor his “babyness” as much as I can. But whether I want to stop him or not this little sweetheart is on his way to being our second busy boy.

photo 2(12)

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