Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ohio & Italy

The work travels for Dustin are still in motion, each month or so the trip slowly creeping up, arriving, requiring Dustin to pack, a trip to the airport to drop him off and phone calls and texts while he is away all while counting down the days until he is home. They said the trips would get easier and while we did not believe them in the beginning, now we have acknowledged this statement as truth. We are three months shy of the first anniversary of the very first work trip and we are starting to feel like old pros. One of the more recent trips though was hard for me. Not just because I missed him, not just because it was an overseas trip which means talking to him is more difficult due to time differences and being careful of crazy phone charges but because the green eyed monster came to stay while Dustin was gone. Because this trip was to Rome, Italy and boy, did that green eyed monster move in and make itself right at home! Never before did being a stay-at-home mom seem so insignificant, challenging and to be quite frank, boring. I know, I'm sounding selfish and very unsupportive of my husband but I'm being real here. When you're married you're supposed to be happy when they are happy, excited when they are excited even if it's only for one person but that is easier said than done, especially when you expect that marriage means you experience new things together not apart. But we got through it and Dustin had an awesome time and was able to see some very cool and historical things!

Thankfully, the first half of Dustin's trip my in-laws kept me busy. A trip to City Island, and another trip to Ohio to see my father-in-law's extended family kept the boys preoccupied and busy.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Little Man Reid

Reid Man is nine months old now, an almost one year old. Say what?! I still so clearly remember the day I found out when I was pregnant with him. It's so hard to believe that he has been here for almost a year already.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Little Man Everett

As before stated Everett is twenty-one months. My firstborn is almost two and no longer a baby but a toddler making his way to becoming a little boy. He is getting so big and the baby look is just gone. I'm not ready for this! As overwhelming as the baby stage is, watching your babies grow is just a reminder that there will be a day when your arms are too short to hold them. Nothing makes me more aware of this than when he gets a haircut. Once all his curls are gone all I see is the face of my baby growing older.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A "Helpful" Lie

There are times in life when, regardless of their faith, people tell lies. Nothing too major but a small, white lie that they believe will help another person get through a hard time. When we found out we were expecting Reid and wondering how we were going to manage many told us that the first year was the hardest and it would get easier once it was over. But as we near the end of this proverbial first rough year we are realizing we bought into one of those seemingly harmless white lies. Because the real work is just beginning.

Everett & Reid


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