Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ohio & Italy

The work travels for Dustin are still in motion, each month or so the trip slowly creeping up, arriving, requiring Dustin to pack, a trip to the airport to drop him off and phone calls and texts while he is away all while counting down the days until he is home. They said the trips would get easier and while we did not believe them in the beginning, now we have acknowledged this statement as truth. We are three months shy of the first anniversary of the very first work trip and we are starting to feel like old pros. One of the more recent trips though was hard for me. Not just because I missed him, not just because it was an overseas trip which means talking to him is more difficult due to time differences and being careful of crazy phone charges but because the green eyed monster came to stay while Dustin was gone. Because this trip was to Rome, Italy and boy, did that green eyed monster move in and make itself right at home! Never before did being a stay-at-home mom seem so insignificant, challenging and to be quite frank, boring. I know, I'm sounding selfish and very unsupportive of my husband but I'm being real here. When you're married you're supposed to be happy when they are happy, excited when they are excited even if it's only for one person but that is easier said than done, especially when you expect that marriage means you experience new things together not apart. But we got through it and Dustin had an awesome time and was able to see some very cool and historical things!

Thankfully, the first half of Dustin's trip my in-laws kept me busy. A trip to City Island, and another trip to Ohio to see my father-in-law's extended family kept the boys preoccupied and busy.

The day Dustin left was one of the frist really nice days we had had since the end of winter and we were all itching to do something outdoors so City Island it was. We rode the trolley which the boys loved and a carousel which Reid seemed amused by and Everett uncertain of.

The highlight for Everett was the tot lot. He enjoyed going in and out of the kid sized houses, the wooden train and sliding down the slide.

Reid enjoyed it too but the highlight for him was going to town on Mimi's ice cream cone! That boy loves ice cream!

Following that we went with my in-laws, nephew and niece to Ohio for Dustin's grandfather's birthday. It was a six hour drive which was the first long trip for Reid and the second for Everett. The trip started out great with both boys enjoying being with their cousins. 

Overall, the boys did do pretty well but the last hour they were done. My active boys were not into sitting strapped into their car seats for so long and really, I can't say I blame them!

Thankfully we had stops where Everett discovered a very keen interest in the lottery machine.

This trip was so interesting. The boys were completely off routine, away from home and their own beds and I was navigating a first trip away with both boys and doing it on my own without Dustin. Bedtime was interesting as all three of us shared a bed, we were up until midnight, with me getting first one boy to sleep and then the other and we were all up early. But we survived and I am very glad, though they won't remember it, the boys were there for their Great-Grandpa's birthday.

And it wasn't just any birthday but it was his 97th birthday. That was a lot of candles!

Everett was very excited about the lighting of ninety-seven candles. A whole lot of fire for a little boy. And you'll notice his cousin Dorenda had a hand out to ensure the excitement stayed in a safe range!

The boys enjoyed hanging out with all of their cousins. There were five other cousins to play with in addition to their cousins Dallas and Sadie. The youngest cousin is Jewel who is only one month younger than Reid. There was an adorable little moment when they both held each others hands and smiled and babbled.

The boys also met their Great-Aunt Dorise's dog. Everett, the cautious one, likes dogs. He'll get excited and say "woof woof" but up close especially when they are bigger than him, and this one was, he normally wants to stay clear. This was the closest he would get, which for him was pretty close, but if she moved it was all over.

Reid, the daredevil, had no problem with her. He would take off, chasing her and climbing on top of her and when she would turn to lick his face he would laugh and reach out for more. He is one crazy kid!

Ohio was a short trip for us, three days with two days of traveling included in that number but it was great spending time with family and seeing everyone. You know you have awesome in-laws and extended family when you want to spend time with them without your husband and I most certainly do!

Dustin was in Italy for a week, he was there to work for just a few days, one of which he was able to visit a place called Taormina. It was beautiful there and he loved it; it's a place he would like to revisit if we go to Italy one day.

After his actual work trip he took two extra days to see Rome since he was there. He was able to see a lot in a short amount of time and he had a lot of fun experiencing it all. One day we hope to be able to go back and see it together.

But of course the best part was when he came home!

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