Thursday, May 14, 2015

Little Man Reid

Reid Man is nine months old now, an almost one year old. Say what?! I still so clearly remember the day I found out when I was pregnant with him. It's so hard to believe that he has been here for almost a year already.

And he is proving he has quite the little personality too! This baby boy is scared of nothing. He does not hesitate, he does not pause. He is determined and curious and will go for whatever has peaked his curiosity. He crawls everywhere and pulls himself up on everything. When he is done standing without hesitation he lets go and allows himself to just fall with a plop. And he can stand on his own for just a few seconds though I don't think he has fully realized this yet. He can climb stairs, he did this without hesitation too. He just crawled over and started climbing, he didn't even stop. To top all of that off, he is cruising along furniture and getting faster at it too. He's our active, little daredevil for sure!

He is also anti-schedule and is still very inconsistent. It's probably partly my fault but I am hoping this means he will be easy going once he is older. It also might have something to do with the fact that he is a big time mama's boy. He wants to be held by me or near me all the time. And when he wants to be held but I can't hold him in that moment he will lay his head on the floor and cry. As frustrating as it is, it's true, I love it and he is just a little spoiled by me as a result. Stinker.

This little boy also has four new teeth, all on the top. Despite getting four teeth all at the same time he has done really well! He is also getting more hair, still very blonde and curls just a little when it's wet. His daddy thinks he'll be getting a haircut in the next few months, we shall see.

He is also doing really well with eating. My baby who would not eat any baby food now eats all that I give him. You can tell certain foods aren't his favorite, like peas and green beans but he still muscles them down.

Our growing little boy is discovering new things. Thanks to his big brother who loves to be outside, Reid has a lot more outdoor time than Everett did at his age. Sitting in the grass has been an experience he at first wasn't a fan of but he has learned to accept it and will crawl around in it now.

And like his big brother he likes to get into everything. His favorite thing is to unroll the toilet paper and he has and will unroll it completely if I don't get to him in time.

He is our baby; a spunky, determined, curious and brave little mama's boy who loves to snuggle and loves his daddy and big brother. He is showing us a whole new world of baby proofing and business but we love it and most certainly, we love him!

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