Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A "Helpful" Lie

There are times in life when, regardless of their faith, people tell lies. Nothing too major but a small, white lie that they believe will help another person get through a hard time. When we found out we were expecting Reid and wondering how we were going to manage many told us that the first year was the hardest and it would get easier once it was over. But as we near the end of this proverbial first rough year we are realizing we bought into one of those seemingly harmless white lies. Because the real work is just beginning.

Everett & Reid

 Our growing boys who are now twenty-one months and nine months are keeping us even busier as they learn more. Everett is a toddler, asserting his independence, testing boundaries and seeing if no really does mean no. And Reid, a now very fast crawler who also is very curious, is into everything he can reach. Don’t get me wrong, they are both good boys but they are reaching that wonderful stage that cause many to shudder. Two’s and three’s are the hardest age and knowing we are slowly nearing the time when we have one of each is intimidating. So, we’ll just focus on the fact that we have an almost two year old and one year old. Seriously, when did that happen?!

 The truth is, in some ways things have been getting easier. Everett doesn’t need to be carried everywhere and can walk while holding my hand and Reid, who no longer needs to stay in his car seat, can easily be carried or placed in carts or high chairs. One of the things that has helped though is trying to stick with routine. Reid is my anti-schedule kid but regardless we try. Our mornings start off with a walk which we all love. The boys love being out and I love getting exercise in. Plus, just starting our day with a walk feels like we’ve done something even if we haven’t actually gone anywhere.

Seeing dogs, pinwheels and cars driving by keep the boys entertained though sometimes I find I have a sleeping passenger when we arrive home. Going out on my own has been made somewhat easier though still eventful. Cramming groceries around a car seat is no longer necessary which is a great relief. Once bagged I often found myself leaving the store pushing one cart and pulling another behind me, I’m glad those days are over!


However there are other challenge. As exciting as the grocery store is even intrigued babies get bored but over all the boys both do really well and honestly, taking them out isn’t that bad as long as I have a plan, a list and I stick to it as best as I am able.

 The other secret to somewhat success is always parking near the cart corrals! We’ve learned to readjusted to other things like taking turns watching the kids in a Sunday school room so Dustin and I can each pray during prayer night. Those thirty minutes all to myself cause me to fall in love with Jesus all over again! That’s part joke but there’s also real truth to that statement!

The boys play together a lot now, especially now that Reid is more mobile and seems to understand more. He follows Everett everywhere and sometimes copies him. 

They both have discovered the kiddy rides at the mall and Everett has already learned that you need money to make them go. He often points at my wallet and then the coin slots and asks in his own way for me to make it go. And Reid just enjoys the ride. 

Their favorite thing to do though is to team up and explore areas Mom has yet to child proof. It seems as though every time I think the house is safe, they find another area that I missed. And this bathroom picture is my everyday reality.

 I know saying how hard it is is a constant theme for me but it’s a reality that we can’t escape just yet. And I think what causes having two under two to be so hard is that children change so much at a young age. Just when Dustin and I think we have it down and somewhat figured out, one or both of them change on us and we have to relearn and readjust. It’s all a part of the growing process for them but also for us. Though a part of that process that is growing as well is the boys love for one another. It is the absolute best to see them playing with each other, making each other laugh and to see Reid want to follow his big brother around and Everett allowing it and hugging on him when he does. And no, it doesn’t always happen that way but it does happen quite often. It is always in those moments that we find ourselves saying “they were right, having them close together is worth it.” 

 And so yes, I do feel like we were lied to but despite the crazy, chaotic moments of comforting, calming, teaching, disciplining, feeding, changing, etc. there are so many more moments that make us laugh, make us smile and make us so very proud of our boys. 

 One thing is for sure, we so love our little men. 

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