Monday, May 11, 2015

Little Man Everett

As before stated Everett is twenty-one months. My firstborn is almost two and no longer a baby but a toddler making his way to becoming a little boy. He is getting so big and the baby look is just gone. I'm not ready for this! As overwhelming as the baby stage is, watching your babies grow is just a reminder that there will be a day when your arms are too short to hold them. Nothing makes me more aware of this than when he gets a haircut. Once all his curls are gone all I see is the face of my baby growing older.

But when this boy needs a haircut, he needs one. If I'm not wanting to see it his dad will remind me. Poor kid has his mama's hair and the humidity of Summer doesn't do us any favors.

This little stinker is learning so much and more and more we are realizing he is copying words he hears said. The other day he put together his first sentence. Dustin and I were talking about eating as it was nearing dinner time and Everett came up and said "Mama, I eat." It was so cute! He is learning the body parts on his face and he says them all really well. When he plays with his trains or cars he says beep beep and choo choo. But of course our favorite thing he says is still I love you.

His vocabulary is definitely picking up! So is his creativity. A small trashcan is a favorite of his to use for a seat and various buckets are used to make him a little taller to see and do more. This boy is now big enough to climb up on the coffee table, chairs and of course, the toilet all by himself with no problem.

When I cleaned out our refrigerator he discovered there was a little seat in there. Thankfully he can't open the fridge by himself yet, that day will be crazy! For now though he aids Reid by opening cabinet doors. He has an idea of how to open a door but doesn't quite have the strength to do it yet.

He has also discovered how to crawl through the tunnels on the playground at the park. Before he was a little wary about them but he has realized he can do it. He also knows how to go down slides by himself and he loves them.

But a highlight for him was a cardboard box. 

 And he really loved it when we used it along with the kitchen table to make a bigger and better fort.

 It provided quite a bit of entertainment!

Our little boy has some spunk though. He throws little tantrums when he is upset which thankfully are nothing more than a lot of pouting and whining followed by running off to lay down and sulk. If that doesn't work though he'll give a loud scream, I never have wonder if he is happy and okay because he lets everyone know if he's not. The little independent streak has been fun to deal with.

Especially at meal time. He is turning into quite the picky eater and will outright refuse to eat if he does not like what is on his plate. And if it doesn't look appealing he won't even try it. As frustrating as it is, I am the same way so I guess I can't get too upset. Or something like that. But when he does like something, like spaghetti, he is all in!

His spunk and feistiness challenge us but one thing I know for sure, that if guided the right way he will be a strong young man, with leadership qualities and the ability to stand up for what he believes in and not be pushed around. Those are all qualities that I know we will be so proud of. Maybe that seems a little farfetched to think that way but I just know that my little boy possesses all of that. He just doesn't know how to use them the right way yet.

He does keep us laughing though and I never know what he is going to do. One night after he had had his bath and I had gotten him dressed I went in the other room for one second only to find that he had climbed back into the tub fully clothed. That was fun! Now I make sure I drain the tub before I leave. Lesson learned.

There was also the time he came walking out of his room with his safari hat on his head. Not normally a hat lover I was surprised and amused by this. He was pretty proud of himself when he realized I thought it was funny.

And he had to make sure his little brother tried it on too.

Though I can't say Reid was equally amused!

This little stinker keeps us busy and challenges us but he keeps us laughing too. We love his cheeky little grin he gives us, the way he cracks Reid up and the way he copies what we say.

And as independent as he is, he still finds time to snuggle up to us to watch a show or just to be with us. And we love when he is!

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