Thursday, June 25, 2015

Special Moments

There are moments that occur on a regular basis in our home that are sweet, amusing or somewhat exasperating but are never the less moments I know we will look back on in fondness. Some with a chuckle and a shake of our head and some with a smile as the memory warms our hearts. And then there are moments that happen once and may or may not happen again but when they do they cause us to stop, smile and reach for anything that will help us freeze that time so we never forget it.

Some of these special and regular moments are:

Snuggling up on the couch and watching movies with Dad.


Having a blast in the bathtub, a favorite of both boys but a definite favorite of Reid who shows his excitement with his telltale sign of a shake and a “mmm!” as soon as he realizes the water is running for his bath.


Reading bedtime stories with Mom, Dad or sometimes both parents. This is a new routine we added to ensure that we would get our reading minutes in for the Summer reading program we are participating in at the library. Everett loves this and will asks us to read another book and another.


Reading his new books we get at the library after our weekly story time is one of his new favorite things to do.


Eating macaroni and cheese or anything your Mom gives you to eat. It turns out Reid is a big fan of table food!


Reid has also created a new regular moment which is a little more exasperating and that is lifting the toilet lid. Something he enjoys doing quite often.


The only problem with this of course is that he can’t quite figure out how to put it back down and so he stands there and cries until someone comes and rescues him.


He’s quite curious and his fascination about anything new is very regular. Like the moment when he crawled right up to the vacuum cleaner, which was on, and watched in extreme interest as the dirt swirled round and round.


And the many moments where he takes off after my parent’s dog despite the fact that he is growled and snarled at every time. This boy isn’t scared of anything.


And in fact, in another moment it was to his great joy that his Dad ran around with him upon his shoulders.


Seeing all the excitement this was bringing his little brother, Everett had to have a try too.


Reid wasn’t too thrilled about having to wait his turn and cried when he realized that the game was over. Riding Daddy’s shoulders was fun for both boys and brought forth lots of giggles from both.

A moment that occurred recently was the purchase of an ice cream for Everett. He loved this. Having his own cone all to himself is not something that happens for him on a regular basis and so he was very excited when it did happen.


Of course he was an absolute mess but it was worth it.


Reid realizing what Everett had wanted some as well and his big brother willingly shared.


In one amusing attempt to share Everett reached out the ice cream cone just as Reid was bending down which caused the ice cream cone to smack right into Reid’s forehead. I couldn’t stop laughing and Everett seeing my laughter joined in though poor Reid wasn’t too sure about it.


They figured out the timing though and both enjoyed this sweet treat.


Out of all of these moments though I have two absolute favorites. The first is a moment which happens each night when we put the boys to bed and that is when we bring them over to say goodnight to each other. Everett will usually give Reid a kiss and both boys laugh as I put their heads together for a somewhat awkward, but still very sweet hug goodnight.


The other moment is a moment that will most likely never happen again and that was when Dustin’s Grandpa and my Grandpa were both in town at the same time on Father’s Day. We were able to get an awesome four generation picture of the boys with their Dad, Grandpas and Great-Grandpas. How cool is that?! It was nice to spend time on Father’s Day with all of these great men who have taught and done so much for us. We are very blessed!


There are all sorts of moments in our home but these are just a few I happened to record and which I all find to each be special in their own way.

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