Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Outdoor Treasures

Summer has officially arrived bringing with it the heat, humidity and longer days. And every summer signs pop up in our neighborhood announcing the annual yard sale and anyone who wishes to participate sorts through unused, outgrown and no longer wanted items for yard sale enthusiasts seeking new treasures. The first two years we lived here Dustin and I skipped out on participating or shopping but this year I decided to venture out in search of yard toys for the boys. And I found some; for $10 dollars I scored a little tikes mini playground set.



It is the perfect size for the boys right now and it fits on our deck where they can easily play while I accomplish things indoors. Of course I’m not able to stray too far but it is nice that they have something more to do outdoors. Even though this will only last a couple years before they outgrow it, for $10 it was worth it!


It’s a definite hit. Also a hit was a picnic table I was also able to get for just $5.


It’s perfect for outdoor picnics but it also works to bring indoors for family movie night. Now Everett can eat his pizza at his own table since he’s not quite ready to handle it on the couch.

Previously the coffee table worked but the poor guy did not have a chair to sit on. It does work great for snacks though it opens a whole other can of worms in regards to sharing. One particular day the boys each had their own pile of cheerios. Reid, whose pile was smaller, finished first and quickly made his way around the table to sneak from his brother’s pile.


Obviously, Everett was not okay with this and knowing I was watching and would not allow any pushing, decided his solution was to cram as many of his cheerios in his mouth as he could. Reid, picking up on this began to quickly pick up as many as his tiny fingers could grasp before Everett could finish them off!


Their relationship is amusing at times though it can be exasperating. We are still trying to teach Everett not to hit his baby brother. One day Reid will be big enough to fight back, and within reason of course, I will let them fight their own battles but for now Reid isn’t there yet. One moment did cause a laugh though when I came into the living room to find a very upset Reid and a sheepish looking Everett. “Did you hit him?” I asked Everett and without hesitation he answered “um, yeah!” He was honest at least! Sibling relationships are so fun though and though the roller coaster takes you to those frustrating moments, it does take you to sweet ones as well. Like when Everett grabbed his cup and went to lay next to his brother who was drinking his bottle and watching a show.


My boys are growing fast and I have to record quickly now as they each learn new things and I don’t want to forget them. At our most recent story time, for the first time, Everett copied some of the motions to the actions songs on his own. He was so cute raising his hands up the hair, stomping his little foot and clapping his hands. And Everett now says “thank you” as a cute little “an u” and we discovered he does know at least how to count to three. We realized this when we were playing cars and I would count before I would roll one down the table. I started with one to have Everett say two or “ooo” and then after I said two he finished with an excited three or “ee”. I didn’t realize he knew that! But it’s proving true that you don’t know what they are picking up on until they start talking and then it starts flowing. The best part though is when I take his hand to pray over his meal and he bows his head and says a whole bunch of gibberish as his own little prayer.


He has learned that if he climbs up on the toilet he can get to the bathroom light switch he so loves to play with. He discovered this by accident as his real intent was to reach the spray bottle I use for their hair. He now knows how to spray it and after a few times of spraying himself in the face has figured out how to turn it around and spray everything. A meltdown ensues when his Mom has had enough of everything and everyone getting wet and takes it away. He’s a little stinker.


He has this new little quirk that he sometimes turns to and that is when he eats a PB&J. He pulls the sandwich apart and after taking one or two bites of the peanut butter side,  he will then put it aside and eat just the jelly part.


He doesn’t always do this and sometimes he doesn’t even take it apart but I guess some days he is just in the mood for grape jelly.


And to end the Everett segment, I went in to wake him up from his Sunday afternoon nap the other day to find him like this. All covered up with his foot peeking out of his crib. The reason this is so cute though is because when Dustin or I put him to bed we cover him first with the blue blanket and then lay the green one on top. And so I know that after playing in his crib, which he sometimes does before sleeping, he covered himself back up. So cute!


After much success with cheerios Reid is officially moving on to eating soft table food. Thank goodness! This is when things start getting easier and, if he is like Everett, will start sleeping better at night. He’s only had small bites of bread, a cracker, peaches and carrots but he did really well with them all. Baby food isn’t really cutting it anymore so I think his little belly is ready for more. During a recent trip to Hershey's Chocolate World we discovered that he loves chocolate. When we gave him a little piece his face lit up with a big smile, he gave a little shiver and said "mmm". Apparently he's inherited a sweet tooth.


He’s still a pretty happy guy though this isn’t always the case.


But, again thankfully, as he gets older the reason for his tears are more a lack of his needs being met or a result of his big brother’s shenanigans and less of his crying just to cry.

And Mom can usually make it right again. Like his big brother Reid has been learning a lot recently too. In church recently my mom, who was holding him, caught my attention so I could see that Reid was clapping his hands! It was the first time he had done that, at first he was actually clapping and then he began tapping his left hand on his right fist. He has spontaneously clapped on his own a few times since and he continues to mimic sounds he hears, especially if it’s his big brother doing the talking.


It’s so hard for me to get a picture of it in time and so this is blurry but he is standing on his own for longer and longer periods of time. He can book it when he’s cruising the furniture too. But the real excitement here is when he started walking while pushing Everett’s toy airplane. He at first started from the side which immediately caught my attention. I rearranged him so he was at the back and he took off. The boy was going and very excited about it!

The fun of two so close in age is really beginning now!


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