Friday, June 12, 2015

Insta Post: Hershey Happy & Drum Concerts

One thing I look forward to every month is when Dustin and I are able to pass the kiddos off to grandparents and spend some quality one on one time together. Life’s current circumstances cause us to sometimes lose sight of how much we really do enjoy being together and it’s nice to slow down and have fun together again. Not that we don’t with the boys but it’s a different type of fun that for obvious reasons often takes precedence. Date nights are my favorite but even better than a date night is when grandparents willingly take the boys overnight and we are able to get a date night and a date day.


This particular date day was so much fun because we were given a financial gift and decided to use some of it to go the Hershey Amusement Park for the day. We are big roller coaster fans and so after sleeping in we headed to Hershey to hit every roller coaster we could. We had an absolute blast and I am so glad we decided to splurge on something fun just for us. Every now and then you need that. This picture was taken while we were waiting in line for one of the rides and we being were greatly amused by all of the funny mirrors. I’m so thankful that I get to spend my life with this man, even in hectic times he is still my best friend.


While Dustin was on a work trip in California the boys and I went to a steel drum concert at the library. Some friends of ours joined us and though the kids weren’t able to see much due to where we were sitting we had a lot of fun.


I was sure that Everett would love seeing the drums but it turned out he couldn’t really see them. When I pointed them out he wasn’t as impressed as I thought he would be but he did enjoy hearing them and clapping his hands. And my normally shy little boy was making himself known by talking to those in front of us, sharing his toys and dancing and clapping his hands with another little girl who sat near us. He also enjoyed playing with the chalk that was out on the sidewalk.

Reid was oblivious to the music but enjoyed taking off when his mom wasn’t paying attention. I think more anything he just liked being out and getting the attention of our friends.


The boys have also enjoyed playing with their cousins. The bee swing at Mimi and Papa’s house is a fun toy that all four kids take turns in. I had helpers to push Reid.


And later on Everett willingly sat still white his cousin Sadie buckled him into a car seat. He sat for a few minutes quite content until he realized that getting out wasn’t as simple as just standing up.


While Dustin was gone we ended up at my parent’s house one night and Everett saw his very first fireflies. My siblings were on a mission to capture as many as they could for Everett’s delight and place them in an empty Snapple bottle.


He was briefly intrigued though the real amusement was saying “cheese” every time he saw the flash go off on the camera and he loved when my dad allowed him to walk around with his flashlight. Everett shone that on everything and everyone and was disappointed when it was time to put it up.


Meanwhile, Reid continued to practice standing.


He snuggled with Mom.


And slept and looked a whole lot like his daddy wile doing it.


We’ve had our share of meltdowns


but we’ve had fun times too. Like taking more walks where Everett often puts his arm around his little brother while they take in all the sights.


And just because they are cute, I’m ending this post with pictures of our handsome boys.


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