Monday, June 22, 2015

Cherry Pickin’

He looked as though he had gotten into a toddler brawl but the real truth was he had gone cherry picking. My grandparents were in town for the weekend and one of their favorite things to do is to go strawberry picking. Unfortunately the strawberries were done for the season, at least in our local area, and so cherry picking it was.


We made our way to cherry tree orchard where Everett picked his very first cherries. With help, we had to be sure the pit was removed, he also ate to his heart’s content. It turns out that he considered cherries fresh off the tree to be quite tasty. And he really enjoyed picking them as well.


Most of the branches were beyond his reach but his Uncle Marcus gave him a lift.


Cherry picking was a unique and fun activity for us all though I think we all enjoyed the tasting more!


Reid was quite content observing from his stroller though once given the opportunity to pick himself he eagerly reached forward to swipe from the branch.


And he succeeded in acquiring a leaf which quite peaked his interest.


Meanwhile Everett continued to pick and place his finds in any of the nearby buckets. We had to be sure to hold a branch low for him or he would pick up rotten cherries that had fallen off the tree and collect those to eat or save. But he did a great job on his first cherry picking adventure!


Cherry picking was a wonderful event which also created a fun memory for us all. 


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