Monday, June 8, 2015

A Few of Our Favorite Things

“Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes, silver white winters that melt into spring, these are a few of my favorite things” is a song Julie Andrews once sang in one of my favorite movies, “Sound of Music”. And in the Kramer home we have a few favorite things as well though they aren’t girls in white dresses, not yet anyway, these are a few of our favorite things currently.


The Boy’s Favorite – Baby Jam Sessions

Everett has always been our little drummer boy and Reid has shown he loves playing the toy keyboard. Everett loves beating on his drum set or table or chair or, unfortunately, his baby brother’s head. And Reid loves tapping the keys.


My favorite is watching my little music lovers jam away.


The Boy’s Favorite – The Fresh Beat Band.

Both Everett and Reid are big fans of a TV show we discovered that features four friends who play instruments, sing and dance. It is the only show they both will sit and watch in it’s entirety. We have watched each episode in all three seasons multiple times. And no matter where they are in the house, when they hear the opening beat of the show beginning, their faces light up and they take off to check it out. Even little Reid!


My favorite is a guaranteed twenty minutes where I can collect my sanity or quickly get a few things done. Not my favorite is the fact that we can no longer watch it on Amazon Prime for free. Looks like this Mama will be buying some DVDs and soon!

The Boy’s Favorite – Playing on the deck.

Everett absolutely loves being outside. When he realizes he can go play outdoors he gives a big grin accompanied with a loud “yay!” and rushes as fast as his little legs can take him. And when it is time to come in he is devastated. Thankfully we have a deck off of our dining room that is currently closed in where he can play when playing in the yard isn’t an option. Reid has also discovered he enjoys playing out there. We discovered this when we heard him whimpering one day and found him stuck, laying across the step down with his feet inside the house and in the air and his face laying on the deck. I have to make sure I keep both eyes on him when the patio door is open and he is still inside. Their favorite thing is playing in this truck track after it rains. Splashing in the water is a great delight for them both though Everett hates getting wet. We’ve tried the kiddy pool and it doesn’t happen but he’ll splash in this thing. Though one particular day after getting pretty wet he led me into his room, opened his dresser drawer and handed me a new outfit! I was equally impressed and amused when this happened.


My favorite is watching my boys enjoy another activity together.

The Boy’s Favorite – Discovering New Toys.

Every once in awhile when I’m feeling brave I’ll open up Everett’s toy chest or his closet so he can access other toys he doesn’t always play with. I say feeling brave because the toy tornado expands to a much larger scale when I do this but the boys love finding new toys that aren’t always out and it does provide much longer periods of entertainment. Especially with the hats, they have a safari hat, a firefighter hat and two army hats, and the hats are worn, shared and laughed over.


My favorite is the amusement it brings me to watch them try on hats and their delight in their new findings.

The Boy’s Favorite – Each other.

I don’t say this to be sweet or prove that my boys are very loving, I say this because I have learned that it is a reality. I did not realize how much my boys already entertain each other until an off day when both boys napped at separate times. Everett was completely bored without Reid and Reid seemed lost without Everett. So even though I do say “get off of your brother” or “no, you need to share” about ten thousand times a day, they really do enjoy each other.


My favorite is, well, I think that is pretty obvious.

Everett’s Favorites.


Everett has a few favorites that he enjoys, one of which is his kitchen set, but the real favorite here is the brown bucket which doubles as his step stool. I have found it upside down and up against so many different things. He’s a smart little one.


He also loves anything he can ride or push. He has a lawn mower, an airplane and a grocery cart and all three are always being pulled out of his room. They have a special spot where they are parked and he knows they belong there because he will sometimes park them right back where they belong when he is done.


His other favorite thing is to repeat after me or anyone talking. Like when Reid was crying nonstop on the way home one day and after hearing Dustin and I say “Reid” repeatedly he too began to say “Reid, Reid”. He now says juice when he is thirsty, says I eat when he is hungry, says shoes when he wants them on or off and likes to play a new game we started where he points to a body part on your face and say it’s name. He knows head really well but he also knows eye, nose, mouth and ear. He also knows belly. He starts out naming them all right but the more he does it the more confused he gets and he mixes them up. He does really well though! He also loves to explore. Much to my dismay and disgust the other day, I turned around from buckling Reid into the car to find Everett holding a dead bird. I freaked out and began yelling “put it down!” over and over. Needless to say, he was very confused and since I sure wasn’t going to touch it, I shook his hand until he dropped it and washed his hands with very warm water and lots and lots of soap. In the poor boy’s defense, it did look like a toy. It look completely fine, just dead, but still very gross when you think about it. He has discovered lots of interesting things in his little life but that was a very unique first for the both of us!


Reid’s Favorites.


Reid hasn’t discovered many favorites yet. As I mentioned before he does love the toy keyboard but as far as toys go there aren’t too many that peak his interest. As long as they can fit in his mouth he is pretty happy.


He does love anything really colorful, that makes noise or anything that his big brother shows interest in. Including his brother’s sticks. He also likes to copy the noises he hears Everett make though he has his own favorite noises as well. He is quite the little babbler and his favorite baby word is “mmm-ba”, he also makes a clicking noise and will copy you when you do it first. And he waves now!


I guess you can say, at this current time, his favorite thing is me.


This baby boy loves being with his Mama!


A top favorite in our home comes about after a mutual consensus and that is wrestling with Daddy.


Both boys and their Dad love it and I love watching all my guys enjoy each other’s company.


Reid is still little but he does enjoy some rough housing, Everett also enjoys it but it has to be on his terms. When he is up for it he likes seeing what his Dad can do and often wears his Dad out!


Currently, the boys do have quite a few favorite things that keep us all entertained but the number one is our family and our love for each other. At the end of the day, no matter what kind of day it has been, our favorite thing is to just be at home and together. That is something all four of us really enjoy.


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