Saturday, September 20, 2014

Highlight Reel: Missing Dustin

In the beginning of July Dustin started his new job as an IT specialist. One of the requirements of this new job was from time to time traveling to various locations to set up wireless networks. His first trip was this month and for twelve days he was in Tracy, California for work. To say we really missed him is the understatement of the year right after “looks like you’ve got your hands full.” Thankfully there is a wonderful little invention called Facetime so we were able to see each other along with calling and texting when the opportunities arose. There is a three hour time difference so we had to figure out the best times to Facetime with Everett, it often worked best in the morning and this worked great. Poor Everett really missed his daddy but seeing and talking to him helped a lot. He would light up when he saw him and try to touch him by touching the screen.

Dustin & Everett

Dustin worked the entire trip but was able to sightsee for a little bit. He and his co-worker, also a friend of ours, visited San Francisco where they drove down Lombard Street, saw the Golden Gate Bridge and toured the area. He had a great time and it was a nice break from the normal routine of work, eat and sleep.


In preparation for his homecoming we made a welcome home sign. Everett colored in his own little way and Reid contributed by adding his footprints. This brought back memories for me as I remember making welcome home signs for my dad when he came home from his work trips.

Welcome Home Sign

Of course the fun of this could not compare to loading up in the car and going to pick him up from the airport! In our impatience to see him we arrived at the airport early where we waited until his plane arrived. We waited at the gate so that we could see him as soon as possible.


It took a little bit for Everett to realize his dad was walking towards him. When he did he hesitated for a slight second and then reached out for Dustin and immediately snuggled up to him. He definitely missed him!

Dustin & Everett
Dustin & Everett

During the time Dustin was away my mom graciously stayed with me for a week to help with the boys. She was a big help and I really enjoyed her company while she was here. I know the boys enjoyed the time with her and she really enjoyed her time with them too.

Grandma & Everett
Grandma & Reid
Grandma & Boys

The past few weeks have been pretty rough for Everett. The poor little man has gone through quite a few adjustments in a short span of time. Welcoming his little brother and learning to share his mom was a big one that we are still working on but he also really missed his daddy. On top of that he has been working on some new teeth and had a fever for a few days. Overall he definitely has not been himself but despite that handled everything okay.


We still saw a few smiles and had a few giggles.

And he was still a very busy little boy.


As for the other little man, Reid stuck to his schedule of eating and sleeping though he is awake for longer periods now. He loves to eat and I feel as though I am constantly feeding him. He still is inconsistent in his schedule and nights are often unpredictable. Sometimes he’ll sleep until 4:30 while other nights he will be up every two to three hours. It appears that he is on a mission to teach me to be more “go with the flow”.


He is a very sweet baby though and there’s not much cuter than when I look down or over and catch one of his little smiles. That always brightens my day!


These two are keeping me busy but I love having two boys. It’s double the work and double the effort to get anywhere but it’s also double the fun and double the love and I really enjoy being a family of four. We have our moments of tears from all three of us. At the same time. But there is also laughter and joy and that makes it all worthwhile!

Everett & Reid

Of course the highlight of these past two weeks though is finally having Dustin home. We missed him so much and he missed us. There are other work trips in the future with his new job and we’ll take each one as it comes but right now It feels good to have him home and to have our family complete again.

Welcome Home

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