Friday, May 23, 2014

Highlight Reel: Papa the Great

A highlight around here has been that Papa the Great has been in town visiting for the last few weeks. We have enjoyed being able to spend more time with him and are thankful that he has been able to travel so much and see us. Every moment we have and memory we create is precious. But even though we'd like him to live here, unfortunately he doesn't and he had to head back home. So on his last night we spent a quiet and relaxing evening at my in-laws just being together.

Well, I say quiet but with three little kiddos the volume is just a tad bit higher than quiet. It's a lot of fun seeing them play together though and it's good preparation for when a fourth one is added to this crazy mix!

 Dallas, being the great big cousin he is, showed Everett how to play his favorite game on the iPad.


It went fairly well though Dallas quickly realized that Everett wasn't as interested in the game as he was the iPad. :) Before our night ended we had to take a few more pictures for our generational picture collection.

Completely candid shot and my favorite!
 We had a nice time and are looking forward to when he visits again. Hopefully it's very soon!


I'm pretty sure that people think I am making it up when I say Everett hates the learning process of crawling. Everyone says to let him cry it out and he will get mad or frustrated enough to try something. So I do that but it hardly ever gets anywhere. He gets so frustrated with the whole thing that he often screams and lays his head on the floor until I pick him up. I do make sure I wait a good amount of time, I'm talking minutes here not seconds, before I do pick him up but he is often so upset by the whole thing that I feel guilty. How does that work?! We are learning that he will figure it out but honestly, when walking makes him happier and he does fairly well with it, it almost seems to silly to stress over the crawling. Especially when this is the face we often see...

Again, I am not making this up. I even took a video to prove it. And yes, that is Frozen's Let It Go playing in the background. Don't judge me.

This video is a minute and half long but he had been crying much longer than that. Trust me, it just ramps up. He is like this every. single. time. I am recording all of this because I know one day we will laugh and think this is cute. Right?


It's hard to believe that I am already doing this again...

Everett was taking a long nap and I was bored so I thought I might as well get Reid's newborn clothes out and in his room. We have a dresser, thanks to some good friends of ours, which we have already painted and put in his room. When I say we I actually mean Dustin. :) We still have a few weeks but it's nice to know that is done since it's one of the not so fun tasks. In my opinion at least. We are so close to having his room ready which is a relief considering there are other things going on that are taking up our time. I'm so ready for this little guy to get here!


It's hard to believe that summer is just around the corner, I'm almost in my third trimester and Everett will soon be one! So much to look forward too! Also, a lot to do between preparing for Reid's arrival among other things. And this mom is determined to give her firstborn a birthday party. Never mind that his little brother is due ten days after his birthday or that August is already a crazy month. It's going to happen. Yeah, I know. Famous last words. But it's worth a shot!

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