Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

This is a lengthy post but it's about Mother's Day. And Mother's Day is all about honoring the woman who loves you, stood behind you and supported you. This may be the woman who gave birth to you, the woman who raised you or a woman who has influenced you in a big way. It's different for everyone.

I think everyone should be able to say this about their mother but I feel I have the best one. The older I get and the more I experience in life the more I realize how wonderful she truly is. I have watched my mom stand behind my dad through many moves and traveling which meant she was sometimes a single mom. She has always had his back and supported him through all of it though I know that at times it was probably difficult. Despite how she felt she did what she had to do to follow him through these life changes. She has raised and is still raising her six children with love and grace and a whole lot of prayer. She has listened to our problems and fears with an open heart and always seems to know when to speak and say what we need to hear and when to step back and let us learn for ourselves. Now that I am older I realize that at times this a struggle for her but it has never stopped her from doing it. She has modeled faithfulness in her walk with God through her prayer life, devotional times with us and her church attendance. My mom is amazing, she is one of the strongest women that I know. I have seen her expereience and go through so much yet her faith in God has never faltered, her support for her husband has not wavered and her love for her children, despite how we can be sometimes, has never ever ceased. I am extremely thankful for this woman, not just because she has been a wonderful mother but because she has also been one of my best and closest friends. They are some big shoes to fill but I can only hope and strive to be the type of woman she is.

In honor of my mom, we spent the Saturday before Mother's Day with her. My dad made her dinner and we had a really nice time being all together.

One of the great things about having kids is creating grandparent gifts and with the help of Pinterest that is easy to do. For my mom, Everett and I made her a plate with his footprints. The footprints were supposed to form a heart but I quickly realized after dealing with a squirmy, little boy that just getting the prints on the plate was a victory. Everett is also really ticklish so I also learned the best way to get the paint on his foot was not to brush it on but to place his foot on to a plate of paint. I should have waited until Dustin could help me because I had to keep him still, hold his arms down and keep his unpainted foot back all while applying the paint and placing it on the plate. That was not an easy task but we did it. The toes were a little squished and because the paint wasn't as even as it should have been the footprints didn't turn out the greatest. I used a paint pen to write the words and then baked the plate in the oven.

Despite how it could have turned out, I'd say my mom really loved it.

Of course Everett had to show it off...

I love my mom so much and am glad I have her in my life and my children have her as Grandma!

On Mother's Day we went out to lunch with my in-laws. For my mother-in-law's gift my sister-in-law and I wrangled our kids together to create a photo collage for her. This idea was also found on Pinterest, we just used a piece of poster board cut into four sections and wrote the letters, L, O, V and E in sharpie. Dallas and Sadie are older and were pretty easy to get pictures of. We took the pictures outside and the sun was shining right in their eyes but they were troopers. Everett was a little more difficult. He was too distracted by his letter and between the sunshine and the temptation of eating the paper we had a hard time getting a picture. Eventually we got smart and set the letter next to him. And for Reid who has not yet arrived we took a picture of his letter with little shoes.

It turned out great and all of the kids looks so cute. My favorite one is of my niece Sadie. Is she adorable or what? The gift was a hit. :)

I didn't get pictures of her but I do want to say that I am very thankful for my mother-in-law. From the beginning she has welcomed me into her family with open arms. She has always shown her love and support and offered words of advice, prayers and friendship. And she has not only respected my relationship with her son but stood behind us and continues to do so. I'm not sure how I got so lucky to have a mother-in-law as wonderful as she is but I did. I definitely am very blessed to have her as a mother-in-law and the Mimi to my children. And I know Dustin loves her very much and says she's the best mom ever.

This was my first official Mother's Day and I was so excited about it. Dustin and I were married for almost four years when we found out we were expecting Everett so I've been looking forward to this day for a little while. It was so worth the wait. I am incredibly thankful for this beautiful little boy who made me a mom. He came at the right time as we found out about his impending arrival as we entered into a really tough year for me personally. His little presence brought the joy and laughter I needed. He lights up my world and has taught me so much. I love him more than words can express and am very thankful that God, for whatever crazy reason, chose to give him to me. I hope and pray I can be the best mom to my sweet, precious little man that I can be.

My guys showered me with love and flowers on Mother's Day morning. With the help of their dad, my little men bought me flowers and a card. They even filled it out. ;-)  I love Everett's first signature which he did do by himself though I heard it took a little while to accomplish! Dustin and I choose to give each other something small in appreciation for the hard work we see on a day to day basis. So from my wonderful husband I received a sweet card and more flowers.

I had a wonderful first Mother's Day weekend spent with all of my families. I use this word often and it's true but in this case it's definitely true. Dustin and I are blessed beyond measure to have two wonderful, strong, God-fearing women in our lives. Women who have raised us, accepted us, loved and prayed for us and continue to do so. We are indebted to them and their influence on our lives. We would certainly not be who we are or where we are today without their love and prayers. And I am very grateful that this year I am able to celebrate being a mom. It is one of the best roles I have ever had and I love every moment of it!

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