Friday, May 30, 2014

The Greatest Show on Earth!

Last weekend we were able to take Everett to his very first circus. We went with Dustin's family and it was so much fun with all the kids. Dustin and I have always enjoyed the circus and go every year but it was more fun with Everett though slightly more chaotic. Ahem.

First up was seeing the animals before the show. It was included in our ticket and it was pretty neat seeing them up close. Who knew elephants could be so entertaining? We also saw the lions, tigers, goats and other animals who weren't as entertaining but hey, it was still cool. At least we thought so, Everett wasn't that into it. The sun was in his eyes and the breeze was in his face, both of which he is not a fan of. Hence the grumpy look.

A little hard to see but that is a tiger in the very back corner

Finally the doors were open and we were able to head inside and find our seats. We were a little unsure with how Everett would do since we knew it would be really loud. He's also a little wiggle worm and to top that off, despite my best attempts, he did not get a great nap that day. Ugh. The show was awesome and the kids, Dallas and Sadie, were caught up in the magic of it. Everett was half caught up in the magic. :)

Half caught up because he was wiggly and tired but I think he did enjoy most of what he saw. He obviously wasn't too phased by the loud noises because towards the second half of the show he fell fast asleep. This meant that I was able to enjoy the second half enjoying old favorites like the motorcycles in a huge iron ball, little dogs who did tricks and all the trapeze stunts. You are never too old to enjoy the circus!

The show ended and we packed up and headed out. Everett doesn't remember it but we're looking forward to when he will. Next year we'll have two little boys, little as in 21 months and 9 months, so that'll be interesting... We'll be playing that by ear for sure. For now, it's fun watching our  nephew and niece, especially our nephew, reenact and recreate their own circuses. "This is the greatest show in the earth!" is a phrase that has been heard quite often lately and it definitely was. :)

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