Friday, May 9, 2014

Highlight Reel: Family Time

This past week has been pretty crazy and I actually haven't taken any pictures. So my highlight reel this week is just a few pictures of Everett and his extended family. Last weekend we celebrated my brother Malachi's birthday at my parents' house.

My younger sister Keandra is a huge help with Everett. She loves taking care of him and I love that I know she can help when I need it or just want it. She's a great mother's helper and Everett loves her too.

It was gorgeous out so the guys threw the football around for a little bit. It ended up being the younger guys versus the older guys.

Seems fair...

My dad gave Everett icing from Malachi's birthday cake which he loved! Meaning my dad loved giving it and Everett loved eating it.

 We are creating a little monster with a sweet tooth. This kid loves ice pops and lollipops as well and has a meltdown when they are taken away. We have done this to ourselves but I blame the grandparents too. :)

Everett is a little unsure of dogs but he did well with my family's dog, Peanut. Peanut is a little unsure of sharing my did but is doing fairly well with Everett. It's pretty crazy how jealous she gets. This is actually the closest they have gotten without her growling and Everett crying. Of course they had a common goal...that is not an innocent expression on my dad's face. That is icing you see on both the baby and the dog's faces.

And Everett having fun with his cousin Dallas who he finds very entertaining.

Of course when you're being used as a drum set who wouldn't be? :) In all seriousness Everett does love Dallas and Dallas loves him too. Dallas seeks him out whenever he knows Everett is there and Everett lights up whenever Dallas does. It will definitely be fun when Everett is more mobile and they can play together. For now though Dallas enjoys dancing and keeping him happy though he has learned to keep his toys from his teething, drooling younger cousin. Can't say I blame him!

We're definitely blessed to have both families so close to us. Everett and Reid are surrounded by people who love them so much and for that I am very thankful!

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