Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Everett's 1st Egg Hunt

He had his basket (a cute $1 find at Target) and his sunglasses. Everett was all ready for his very first egg hunt, a day much anticipated by his parents. It would be so fun for Everett to sit among the hidden eggs. He might even find some on his own! We arrived at our church for the annual egg hunt excited and anxious for the fun to begin.

Unfortunately the enthusiasm we felt wasn't shared with Everett. He had been up since seven that morning and had decided that getting a nap was much more enticing than this egg hunting business. He began dozing off in the arms of his Aunt Keandra while we waited for the hunt to start. We let him sleep hoping that he'd wake up in time.

The egg hunt officially began and the kids were set loose to find and collect as many eggs as they could. The hunt was split up in age groups so Everett was with the younger kids which included his cousins Dallas and Sadie. There were eggs everywhere and the kids were very excited to collect them.

Love this picture of our nephew Dallas. Such a little man in his hat!

There was much squealing, laughter and exclamations of delight from all the kids. That is except for one. Everett was out and was not waking up for anything. He slept through his entire first egg hunt.

We tried to tempt him awake with an egg but sadly, for us, it did not work. The world of slumber was much more enticing than plastic eggs. He did gain four eggs of his own though thanks to the generosity of his cousin Dallas. Dallas saw Everett's empty basket and kindly shared a few of the eggs he found.

It wasn't the exciting first egg hunt I was planning on but Everett didn't seem to mind the alternative. He still had fun for the parts he was awake for and was able to get a few small prizes. As for as hunting eggs though we'll try again next year.

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