Friday, April 11, 2014

Highlight Reel: Introduction

Sometimes my life is a little on the boring side. The daily routine of life doesn't always lend to the most exciting stories unless you are interested in what food my baby ate, how many times I had to pick up my house, etc. etc. and most aren't. But there is always something each day worth recording. Enter the Highlight Reel posts. Each day I want to record those special moments and log them to memory, the Highlight Reel posts will help me do that. Here are a few highlights from this past week.


A bottle malfunction. Not necessarily a highlight but too cute not to share. I'm not sure how this happens but it does. I gave him a quick bottle while I got ready for church and came back to this. The bottle empty and half of it on his face and the surrounding blanket area. Silly boy!

Now that Everett has discovered his walker and has learned how to walk on the carpet in it we knew we had to put some safety features in place. Since we live in a bi-level, the main thing was a new gate for the stairs. We had a wooden one that was a little, eh stinky... It was tension gate that really needed a solid place to be secure. The iron rails we have weren't really reliable. It worked for when friends and their kids would visit but for a child who lives here it wasn't going to cut it. So, we found a metal gate that securely fastens into the rails. We just have to paint it black so that it matches and we're good to go. For now it's up so we can rest easy and all the grandparents can breathe a sigh of relief.


Speaking of walking, Everett is learning how to stand and hold himself up! He does pretty well and for the most part can catch himself when he starts to waver a little bit.

I'm not sure if his eagerness to walk is going to help me or make life a little bit crazier. We shall see! 

But he is definitely so proud of himself. 


Dustin and I are both the type of people that when we get excited about something we want to do it right away. So regardless of the fact that we have a second baby on the way, we've decided to bring some color into our neutral home right now. We're starting with our kitchen and are really excited about the changes. I can't wait until it's all complete!


And of course our biggest highlight was finding out about our second little man. We have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to look forward to!

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