Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Crawling Schmalling

This little stinker is on a mission to walk! He has never enjoyed belly time, couldn't care less about crawling and at seven months still has yet to even roll over. But he can for a few minutes hold on to a table or other object and hold himself up without help and loves to walk with some helping hands. My parents gave him a walker for Christmas and he has now discovered how to "walk" in it. It took a little while of videoing him but I was able to catch it on tape.

It takes him a few seconds to figure out but once he did he was loving it. He is now going crazy though he needs me to back him up. We have carpet through out our house so he only has a small area of hard surface to walk on. He is loving it though!

And just a short video of added cuteness. :)

My little man is growing so fast!

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