Thursday, April 3, 2014

Baby Milestones

When you have a baby everyone tells you that it goes by fast but you don't really appreciate that statement until the baby arrives. Everett is now seven months old and learning new things constantly. I'm sure all parents feel this way but it seems like all the baby milestones are being met at once and we can't keep up. Our baby is on his way to becoming a toddler and fast!

He has been eating more baby food and does really well with it. He loves sweet potatoes, squash and most fruit but he does not like peaches, green beans or peas. He lets us know what food he doesn't like by not swallowing it and keeping his mouth open. In a way it's really cute. Who knew that feeding a baby would be so entertaining? He has had a little bit of diluted juice out of sippy cup. He hasn't figured out how to drink out of the new cup but does fairly well with sipping it with some help. I'm sure he'll figure it out soon!

And after saying he has been teething for forever he finally has a tooth. Well, that you can see. It's working it's way through. I can't wait until it comes through, it's so cute when a baby has one or two teeth! So far he has done well with teething. He sucks and chews on his fingers a lot but hasn't been too fussy. He's been so good! Hopefully that continues. :)

His hair is also continuing to come in. After his bath the other day I noticed that it does have some curl to it. Once I combed it it went back to being straight though so I'm not sure how his hair will be once it all comes in.

I'm anxious for him to have more hair but at the same time I love his sweet, little, bald head. I know one day I'll miss it.

Had to take a picture of his little pose and ended up waking him when I got too close.
We've been working on creating a routine, partly because I feel we need it for him but also because I know it will be a major help when the new baby arrives. He has done pretty well with it, each day is a little different but we roll with it. Thankfully he's pretty easy going. He also does well with entertaining himself and enjoys pulling his toys out of the toy basket. In other words, he does well making a mess. :) 

I say this every post but we really do love this little boy. The more he grows the more we learn about him as his personality comes out and he learns and explores. He is at such a great age. He loves to play and interact but at the same time he's still our baby. It's like having the best of both worlds and it's a lot of fun!

In other exciting news we will be having the ultrasound for our second baby in just one week! We can't wait to see the baby, make sure he/she is healthy and to find out if Everett is getting a brother or sister. It's hard to believe that this pregnancy is already half over. We're so ready to meet this baby and have our little family complete.

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