Friday, April 25, 2014

Highlight Reel: Busy Bodies

We've been busy around here as usual but the busiest one in the family is this boy. I take back everything I said about his learning to move making our life easier. Now that he is mobile, even if it is from a help of his walker, he is into everything. If he can reach it, he will claim it. He is very curious and has to check everything out.

He is all over the house in that thing. Once he figures out how to move without the walker I am going to be in big trouble. He loves to explore and is becoming more and more adventurous each day.

He has discovered his new favorite game is knocking over the trash can and this is a daily occurrence. I  pick that thing up twenty times a day. This also means we are learning the word no which isn't going too well. No matter how stern I think I am apparently it's just really funny. All I get in response is a big grin, sometimes he even laughs. It's so hard to stay stern because it's pretty cute.

And so the real joys of parenthood begin.


The living areas are officially painted. Dustin made record time and did a wonderful job getting it all done. The trim just needs to be painted but that it'll happen in due time because...

we are now working on the baby's room. Dustin put up the chair rail and painted.. We still have to find a dresser and decorate. We also have to finish the closet. It only had two clothing rails and no shelves so we are taking one rail out and putting shelves in so that it is more functional. I'm really excited about his room coming together!

Speaking of things coming together I mentioned that we had a name. Originally we were going with the name Harrison Reid and we still like both of those names but we are now switching them. So, as of now the baby's name is Reid Harrison. I think this is the real deal but we still have eighteen weeks or so to go before he's here so it could change again. We shall see!


I really love making whoopie pies and on occasion will make some for family. I use a recipe that has been passed down in my mom's family. A few weeks ago my mom and I each made fifty whoopie pies for a church fundraiser. Out of that, a friend asked if we could make a whoopie pie cake for their boss's birthday. I agreed to give it a try though I was a little apprehensive about how it would turn out. Basically I was going to be making a really big whoopie pie. I made the batter, stuck it in the oven and crossed my fingers.

And it worked! It baked all the way through just fine and the layer came off the pan without cracking which was another relief. It was the biggest whoopie pie ever I've ever seen! Ha! Out of curiosity I measured it, it was 14" long and 10 1/2" wide. I was super excited and relieved that it actually came out.

I even had enough batter and filling left over to make four whoopie pies. Love it when things work out so well! I definitely would be up for making that again as making one big cake is much easier than making many little pies.


There are still a lot of things going on around here but we're loving it. It also helps that spring has finally arrived and it seems has decided to stay. That makes everything better. We're looking forward to Papa the Great aka Great Grandpa Kramer coming in to town this weekend as well. Let the spring and summer time adventures begin!

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