Friday, April 18, 2014

Highlight Reel: Baby's Name & Everett Milestones

I wanted to capture a few more Everett milestones before I forgot them so this post is a little Everett overload. But he is not the only one to talk about especially since little man 2 now has a name! Since we were thinking this baby was a girl we hadn't considered many boy names. We headed back to the drawing board and have decided on Harrison Reid. Though I am a huge advocate for waiting to share names, it is nice to be able to call him by his name. With Everett I was always afraid Dustin and I were going to slip up though we never did. This time we can just say Harrison.

And speaking of Harrison, I am now 21 weeks pregnant with him and his kicks are getting stronger. He isn't super active or predictable yet but he likes reminding me that he's there. There is something about feeling the baby's kicks that can really ramp up your excitement for their arrival. It's hard to believe that we are going to have two babies in this house. I think it's starting to really set in for both Dustin and I and we are really starting to get excited. With Harrison being our second we have a better idea of what to expect. Knowing and experiencing what it is like to meet your baby for the first time and fall in love with him makes this pregnancy even more exciting.


Blowing raspberries and the slobbery aftermath.

My handsome little boy. I love, love ties for little boys. It might be a biased opinion but Everett looks so cute all dressed up in his church clothes. The cutest thing was that for the first time in service, he clapped and raised his little hands. I'm not sure if he understood what he was doing but even if he didn't it was pretty awesome.


Confession: I actually like Mondays now. I dreaded them when I was working but now I don't mind them at all. I don't like them in a "can't wait until it gets here" kind of way but in a "I'm making the most of this" way. Though we miss Dustin when he goes back to work, it's nice getting back to routine and catching up from the weekend. The weekends are all about spending time as a family, church and any other weekend event so Mondays are catch-up days. This Monday was a rare treat as Everett actually slept in which meant I got to sleep in. I also was able to sort and start laundry, pick up the house, publish a blog post and take a shower before he woke up. Score!


Harrison now has a crib and we have a theme for his room. We tossed a few ideas around and have decided to go with a simple and modern nautical theme. The color scheme is to be a light gray with dark gray and red accents and white furniture. Though we still have time we're anxious to get started and have it complete soon. It's a lot less stressful towards the end of your pregnancy when you know everything is ready to go. And with another growing baby who will be turning one a week and a half before the due date the anxiety has been upped a notch this time around. Plus, we just like decorating. :)


Speaking of decorating. There is some more painting going on in this house. We seem to be in the painting mode around here. Thankfully we're almost done but more on that later.


Everett's tooth has officially broke through and his second tooth is halfway there. Not the best picture of him but the best picture of his new teeth I could get. If you try to pull his lip down to look he sticks his tongue out so you have to get him to smile, laugh or talk to get a peek.


Everett is eight months old today. It's crazy to think that he will be one in just four short months. Where is the time going? He gives baby kisses now, goes flying in his walker and is starting to talk up a storm in his baby talk. He says dada though I don't think he knows what it means and I think he says yay. It sounds like it anyway. He has learned how to clap his hands and does so often. Speaking of which, Dustin is constantly singing, creating some sort of a beat or playing drums and there are times when it seems Everett is singing along with him. Best moment ever though was when Dustin was creating a beat and right on beat Everett began hitting his hand on his highchair. Probably a coincidence but it was so dead on that it was pretty wild. Time will tell but he just might have inherited his father's musical gene.


I was taking his picture and he was peeking around the camera to see me.

We're looking forward to this weekend! Dustin has a three day weekend due to it being Good Friday and the Easter holiday and Everett will be attending his first egg hunt and celebrating his first Easter. I can't wait!

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