Monday, April 14, 2014

Everett's First Park Day

A gorgeous day requires an outing to the park. It's a must. This was also Everett's very first trip to the park and we were excited to see what he thought. On the top of our park to-do list was trying out the swings.

Was he scared? Nope, the sun was in his eyes at first and little man is not a fan of that.

But we were able to readjust.

He loved being pushed in the swing. I love how it looks as though we could fit three of him in there.

He also got to swing with Daddy.

And try the slide which he wasn't to sure about.

We also got a few shots of him in the grass. We didn't realize it but it was his first time in the grass as it's been too cold or wet and muddy for him to sit in it. Of course he had to check it out. He wasn't sure about the texture at first but he quickly got over it in time to try a few tastes.

Nothing like the wind in your hair and a few tasty blades of grass on a beautiful Spring day.

After all these firsts and "snack" it was time to go. I'd say our first park visit was a success and we'll definitely be visiting again.

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