Monday, April 7, 2014

Making Room

So it turns out that even second babies need to be rearranged for. It also turns out that Dustin and I are secret hoarders. Well, it's no secret to us but to anyone else... Surprise!

The David's Bridal bag? Yeah, that's what happens with a treasured wedding dress after just five years.

This is what our family room area has looked like for quite some time. This happened when I decided to be brave and organize the spare bedroom but enter in morning sickness and exhaustion and it didn't work very well. Obviously. But we made it this far at least. However, in order to make room for baby we had to move the current furniture in the new baby's room downstairs to the family room. This meant that this area had to be cleaned out. After a lot of self pep talks, many motivation boosts and a few days I was finally able to accomplish this.

It looks a whole lot better. We also acquired a new piano for my music loving husband. A family we know was trying to find a place for theirs since they no longer had room for it. And since Dustin loves to play on the piano we gladly took it and gave it a new home.We seldom use this room but at least you can walk in it now.

But that begs the question, what happened to the items that were scattered everywhere in the family room? Remember the spare bedroom? Well, everything ended back up in there plus some.

We didn't do too well with managing the clutter but that is another project for another day. In the future. Way, way in the future. For now we have a solution.

Ta-da! A closed door works wonders. As the saying goes, what is out of sight can't hurt hurt you. Or something like that.

Now we have a fairly empty room and a blank canvas for our new arrival. Once we find out whether we are expecting a boy or a girl the fun will begin! And if Everett's gender reveal was any indication it will begin right after the ultrasound. :)

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