Friday, September 6, 2013

Everett Allen's Birth Story

We had three weeks to go and yet we were anxiously hoping and praying that Baby Kramer would decide to arrive earlier. We were so ready to meet him, the joys of pregnancy had long since passed and we were ready to hold our baby in our arms. He must have heard us. :)

Dustin's family (specifically his Grandpa and cousins) were in town and we headed out on a Saturday afternoon to do fun things. Like visit Hershey's Chocolate World for the chocolate tour and then cheer on the baseball team, the Harrisburg Senators. We all piled in to Dawn's van (and I mean piled) and headed to Hershey. Of course on a summer Saturday afternoon you can expect a tourist attraction to be packed and after waiting in a long line we finally made it to the top of the steps which led to entering the tour ride. It was at this point that I realized that I did not in fact have to use the restroom but my water had broken. After stating rather emphatically "oh my goodness!" multiple times we all realized just what was happening. Dustin and our brother-in-law Danny raced out to get the car and the rest of turned rushing back through the line leaving wet footprints behind us. Yeah, I know. Despite all of this I was shocked and amused. I couldn't believe this was happening. Neither could any of us though we were all excited except for three year old Dallas who was in tears at being so close to riding his favorite ride and having to leave. So with the help of the security guards who guided us out, the van full of laughing, jokes and tears made its way to Hershey Hospital. I wasn't scared until Dawn declared "if you have this baby it's okay because I'm a nurse and I can deliver it" and Angie reassured me that she had scissors. That made it very real.

However, we safely arrived without having a roadside delivery or using Angie's scissors. Dustin was able to get a nurse from the ER who brought out a wheelchair. He opened the van door to reveal me in a seat covered in towels, my sister-in-law Brittany sitting on the floor of the van and the backseat containing a still crying toddler and two adults with a child each on their lap. It was just slightly chaotic. We were admitted and told that this was it, we were having a baby!

Upon arrival I was only one centimeter dilated and we decided to see if we could dilate on my own as I was having a few small contractions. My in-laws arrived bringing our overnight bags. We had been so prepared with the overnight bags in the trunk of our car and the carseat buckled in the backseat but not having our car defeated the purpose. They, joined by my parents stayed for a little while. After a couple hours of realizing I was not dilating on my own they started me on Pitocin. At this point it was 8:30 in the evening, after being asked the nurse told us she did not think we'd have our baby until this time the next day, if even. We settled in preparing for a long night and day.

This was not how it was going to go down though. My contractions began picking up and once I reached four centimeters I decided I needed something but I was too scared to get the epidural just yet. I had wanted to wait as long as possible before I went that route. They gave me Stadol informing me that it wouldn't take the pain away but would make me loopy and help me deal with it. I fell asleep waking up each time I felt a contraction until they became so intense that I could no longer sleep. I was in so much pain and finally decided I had to have the epidural, I couldn't do it any longer. This is when they told me I could not get one because my platelet count was too low, they would have to raise it before the could give it to me. This news was delivered by a poor guy with a thick Indian accent. He was interrupted by my moans and met by my rude "What?!" once he finished speaking. Once Dustin interpreted for me I decided they could do whatever they had to because I was on the brink of death and needed drugs to survive. Like now. Or at least, that's what it felt like. Somehow we ended up deciding to go with a drug that would be inserted through my IV. They left to prepare the drug but I had the intense urge to push, I was convinced the baby was coming at that moment. The nurse informed me I was now nine and a half centimeters. Drugs weren't an option. A few contractions later and I was finally ten centimeters. After an hour of pushing, our beautiful baby boy made his way into the world just as the sun was beginning to rise.

Words could not describe how I felt when they laid that gray little being with the cone-shaped head on my chest. I was so overwhelmed at how I felt, the love they say arrives in that moment really does exist. After declaring "he's bald!" I couldn't help adding "I can't believe he's ours!". And I really couldn't. Everything was worth it to get to this moment. He was our little boy and he was perfect!

Everett Allen Kramer arrived at exactly 7:03 AM on Sunday, August 18th. He weighed 6 lbs 12 oz and measured 19 inches long (we found out at his four day appointment that he was actually 20 inches long). He is the perfect mixture of Dustin and I though I happen to think he resembles his dad. He actually does have hair, the very little he has being blonde. And all his little features are perfect. Though I'm not biased or anything... :)

We are so in love with our little man and praising God for a safe delivery and a healthy baby boy. Once again God has been so very good!

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