Monday, September 16, 2013

Future Partners in Crime

For months our nephew Dallas had heard that Dustin and Karissa were having a baby and he'd be here soon. If it felt like an eternity to us I can only imagine how hard of a concept that was to grasp for a three year old. But Dallas is very smart and somehow he accepted it.

Everett & Dallas

The baby has now finally arrived and it has been a blast and hilarious to watch Dallas and Sadie interact with him. Two year old Sadie hasn't said much but her little "Aww baby" and "baby cwy" are so cute. She also loves trying to give "Ebett" his pacifier and would probably feed him if she could get away with it.

Everett & Sadie
Dallas has been the most fun though. He often calls Everett "she" or "her", most likely because Everett is the first baby boy born in our circle for awhile. All of our friends have had girls. When corrected Dallas calls Everett "the boy" which is just too cute. Just a few of the other cute things he's said.

"Why doesn't the boy have any hair?"

"Wow, babies sleep a lot!"

"Is she waking up yet?"

When asked if he liked the new baby he responded with "Yeah, but why does she have to be so little?"

"I like his little shoes."

Dallas also has made sure he kisses baby Everett goodbye, has sung "Jesus Loves Me" and read books to him. It's so adorable.

There is no doubt that Everett's cousins love him very much and can't wait until he's bigger so they can play with him. I am so excited that Everett has them to grow up with, I am also looking forward to the memories they will create as they grow up. I know there will be some wild and crazy stories happening with these three but it's going to be a blast!

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