Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

Christmas morning finally arrived. The plan was to open gifts at home as a family and then head over to Dustin’s parent’s house. Since Everett and Reid are too little to know what day it is the day started like any other. For Christmas we had bought our drum loving little boy a drum set and we were pretty excited to give it to him. We decided the best route was to preassemble it and sit it under the tree for him to see. When it was time I sat in the Living Room with the camera and Dustin let him loose. Unfortunately he didn’t understand and ran into the bathroom instead of the tree but once he understood he raced for the drums and began to play them immediately.


EverettEverett & Dustin Everett & Dustin
And for those who said we were crazy, we know, but it was so worth it to see his face. We figure if he shows interest we will encourage it, you never know what those interests will develop into someday. In the meantime the drum has been duct taped to lower the volume and is kept in his bedroom to keep some peace.

It was so hard finding a gift for Reid. Buying for a four month old is hard enough but when he has loads of toys and clothes passed down from an older brother it’s just difficult. But we settled on a crib mobile for our little boy who has to take everything in.


He seemed to like it though he might just have been excited about it being his first Christmas.


He couldn’t keep still either way.

Dustin was very excited to get a tool bag he has been eyeing for a little while now and I was very excited to receive some new clothes!


After we had our little family Christmas we headed to my in-law’s. Like Christmas Eve it was relaxing and all about being with the people you love.

Reid, Danny & Dustin
Dallas received a very cool remote control car which he loved playing with. Everett was very unsure about it so his Aunt Brittany rescued him.

Dallas, Brittany & Everett
And he was perfectly okay with that.

Brittany & Everett

Despite all the toys they received, an empty box and a top hat my mother-in-law already owned were the favorite play things. The hat was passed around and the empty box doubled as a sleigh, a car and a train.

Everett Everett  Sadie & Dallas
And Everett was happy when dinner time came and he realized he had graduated to the kid’s table. His parents were a little less enthused after cleaning up his mess but he enjoyed it and so did his cousins. Well, as long as he didn’t touch their bacon. 

Everett, Dallas & Sadie

Christmas Day ended with friends and my family coming over for food and fellowship. It was a wonderful Christmas that went by all to fast and was very special.

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