Saturday, December 27, 2014

Insta Post: Catching Up

Before I get to ahead of myself I decided I better post this draft I've been sitting on. The pictures are "old" but I want to blog them because I am so afraid I will lose the pictures I post and some of them are worth keeping.

The best part of the day is starting my mornings with two little cuties named Everett and Reid. Plus a cup of coffee. Every morning I am reminded that I am blessed to have the privilege to stay home with my boys.


I wish this picture of Everett wasn’t so blurry because I love his expression. The squint is back folks!

Reid Reid Reid

Reid is so happy in the mornings and because of his cuteness I can forgive him for getting me up earlier than I want too.

Everett & Reid

My favorite sight lately is these two little heads together. I love that the time they are together is slowly lasting longer.

Everett & Reid

Everett loves being with other kids, especially his cousin Dallas. He is his favorite.

Papa Great, Everett & Dallas

Back in October we went to a local market that had fall fun on the weekends. Everett wasn’t a fan of playing in the hay play areas they had but he enjoyed riding a wagon with Dallas and Sadie.

Sadie, Dallas & Everett

Everett was pretty excited when he was able to catch up with the girls at church and they let him sit with them.

Everett, Sadie & Alana

But one of his favorite girls is his Mimi. He adores her.

Everett & Mimi

My niece Jaliyah was able to attend our church Christmas banquet. She loved her new princess dress as well as “petting baby Reid.”

Jaliyah & Reid

It might be a biased opinion but Reid is growing more and more handsome. And the shirt says it all.


Speaking of his daddy… Dustin is determined to create a car seat that is easier to carry and he just might do it.

The highlight of all the Instagram posts though was this one.

Eddie & Everett

Everett loves, loves watching the drums at church. He is fascinated by them and is always playing the drums on something. One of the drummers in our church, Eddie, made Everett’s dream come true when he brought Everett up on the platform and let him try the drums for himself.  Everett was overjoyed and it was pretty neat to see the man who taught Dustin play the drums let Dustin’s son give them a try.

Eddie & Everett

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