Thursday, December 4, 2014

Snow & Santa

There are two things one looks forward to when December arrives. Snow and Santa.

Snow 2014

First, the snow. This year our snow arrived early, just before Thanksgiving. This was Reid’s first snow and Everett’s second snow season. We pulled up the much loved brown chair to the back patio doors and watched the best kind of show.

Everett & ReidEverett 
It snowed most of the day making for a very cozy afternoon and evening. The boys stayed inside and enjoyed the warmth but next time Everett will be able to experience it outside. We have to work on loving the snow gear first though!

Everett & Reid

Second, seeing Santa. The day we went to see Santa was cold and rainy so our Santa photo-op became a quick mission. Dustin gets home around 3:30 in the afternoon so we loaded up the kids and headed out the door shortly after he arrived. The goal was to beat the crowds and the rain the was to turn into ice. Before Christmas Santa resides at Bass Pro, or rather this Santa offers free 4x6 pictures, so this is the Santa we went to see. We were in luck, there was no one in line and we were able to get a photo before the babies knew what was happening.


Last year we waited in line at the mall with a four month old Everett who fell asleep right before it was his turn. Thankfully he woke up long enough that we were able to get a cute shot. This year Everett was fifteen months old and now shy with strangers and we weren’t sure how it would go. We were planning on our picture turning into a family photo and we were okay with that.


However, we decided to try just the kids first. Dustin handed over Everett and I handed over Reid and with a quick clang of a cowbell a picture was taken of Santa with a scared and stunned Everett and a chill and oblivious Reid. It went better than we thought, Everett wasn’t too thrilled but there were no tears. As far as we were concerned, Mission Santa Photo 2014 was a success!

Everett & Reid

Since we were there Everett rode the free carousel ride a second time. The first time Dustin took him.


So this time I took him.

Karissa & Everett

Then we checked out the fish.

Dustin & Everett
Dustin & Everett

After that twenty minute excursion we headed home. It wasn’t a big deal but it was perfect timing for two young ones even though they didn’t quite know what happened. We’re looking forward to when they are at the age when these type of events are something they look forward too!

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