Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Pictures 2014

Last Christmas my sister-in-law threw out the idea of having pictures of the grandkids done as a Christmas gift for Dustin’s parents. Because it turned out to be such a great gift that we all enjoyed this Christmas it was a unanimous decision to do it again.

Like that last year we turned our house into a very make shift photo studio and Dustin took the pictures. And this year we included the grandparents. Unlike last year we had added an additional kid, Reid, to the mix and because of his age, Everett had no desire to sit still. Dustin and I tried to get a few shots of the boys before everyone arrived and managed to get a few.


The pictures of Reid were to double as his three month shots. And I guess in honor of this Reid cooperated for three.

Reid Reid
Once the cousins arrived we began taking pictures of the kiddos.
 Sadie, Everett, Dallas Sadie, Everett, Dallas & Reid
Sadie, Everett, Dallas & Reid
Sadie, Dallas, Reid & Everett

The candid shots are my favorite because they so perfectly sum up their relationships.

Everett & Dallas

Everett and his cousin Dallas have a very special relationship. They are best buds and they really love each other. Dallas has always been great with his little friend and as Everett grows their relationship becomes more and more fun to watch.


Sadie and Everett have a very special relationship in their own way. They both have a lot of spunk and attitude and drive each other crazy as a result. It’s not uncommon to hear “Everett no!” followed by an Indian war cry from Everett or in reverse. Despite all this though they do love each other!

Everett, Dallas & Sadie

These three have a lot of fun together and I’m looking forward to watching the dynamic change and grow once Reid is old enough to join in this wild mix. They are bound to have all sorts of stories and create many interesting memories especially when they all are having fun at Mimi & Papa’s house.

Reid, Papa, Sadie, Everett, Mimi & Dallas

I love this shot of the kids with their grandparents and I am so glad someone came up with idea of including them. The other benefit was one big family shot which is the result of many takes and lots of photo shopping. Once again Dustin did a great job.

Family 2014

I’m glad we have these pictures and all the memories of chaos, stress and noise makers that goes along with it. It’s a crazy couple of hours but the result is always worth it. I’m looking forward to next year!

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