Friday, January 2, 2015

Highlight Reel: December Highlights

I’ve been a little lax in posting our activities in the month of December and what posting I did do was all on Instagram so here is just a quick post of the December Highlights.

Sometimes it seems as though church is our home away from home. I wouldn’t have it any other way but it’s always interesting with the boys. Most Sunday mornings we end up here. Some call it a nursery but around here it’s called the “cry room” and for good reason. Dustin usually has to be a church early to practice with people and to make sure everything is set up. So in order to be at church on time this room doubles as the kitchen where the boys eat breakfast and the bathroom where I fix my hair. It’s weird but it works.


The rest of the time when we are not in service I get to chase this little stinker around. He loves chasing his friends and seeing how close he can get to the drums on the platform before getting caught.


One Sunday Everett and his cousin matched. Their jackets were almost identical and their ties were and it wasn’t planned. Not too surprising as Dallas’ mom and I often find ourselves showing up to the same places in similar clothing ourselves. I guess it’s just meant to be.

And church is also a place where we meet new friends. The boys and I had lunch with friends of ours one day and we had a lot of fun. Everett and his little friend are both very busy boys so it was hard to get a a good picture but I tried.

IMG_0080 IMG_0082

Reid wasn’t able to go in the play area but he still had fun.


In December we went to Hershey’s Christmas Candylane with a group from our church and we took along Everett. It was very cold out so he was very bundled up. I’m not sure he had the best time seeing as, with the exception of the Carousel, most of the rides and activities were a bit much for him but he didn’t seem to be too upset about being there either. Next year will probably be more fun for him.

IMG_0168 IMG_0172 IMG_0173

December is also when Dustin’s birthday is. We celebrated Dustin’s birthday the night before with the boys and then dropped them off at his parent’s house. They so kindly watched them overnight and the next day for us. We were able to sleep all night, watch a movie with the volume up higher than ten and see a production of Moses at Sight & Sound Theater. It was perfect and quite honestly it felt like it was my birthday too!

IMG_0158 IMG_0164

Dustin’s favorite gift he received was Mckids for Nintendo. He was very excited when his sister and brother-in-law gave it to him.


December is Christmas and we managed to get a halfway decent family selfie in front of our Christmas tree.


And I managed to send out Christmas cards.


This little cutie turned four months old on December 26th. This happens to be one of my favorite pictures of him ever and the shirt was a gift from a friend who knows all about how we call our boys little man.


As cute as he is he can also be a little stinker. This was taken at three in the morning when he decided he didn’t want to go back to sleep. He likes to do this occasionally much to my dismay.

The boys still keep us busy and one of the busiest times of the day is 5 in the evening. Around this time I am starting to make dinner and Dustin is usually working on the computer. The boys have been up from their naps for a a little bit and are starting to get hungry and this is the time when it seems like everything goes insane. We call it the meltdown hour but somehow we manage to get through it.


The boys are fun though. One night when Dustin and I were finishing up our Christmas shopping Everett turned around in the cart and held Reid’s hand. Everett is always turned around in the cart, he loves to see everything and Reid will usually watch him and smile most of the trip. This time Everett noticed and grabbed Reid's hand and talked to him. It was so cute, the picture quality is horrible but the moment was priceless. And then at some point Everett squeezed Reid's hand too hard and Reid had enough. It was cute while it lasted though!

IMG_0178 IMG_0177

And just a few cute pictures that I love.

Everett looked so cute sleeping with the only two stuffed animals he likes, I had to take a picture.


Dustin was playing with Reid and he put Reid’s burp cloth on his head. The silly kid liked it!


During one grocery trip I decided the give the cart with a car a try. Everett loved it and was not happy when it was time to go and he had to get out!

It was a busy month but a fun month that I enjoyed spending with my boys!


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