Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fun in the Fall

Fall is a favorite time of the year and there are always quite a few festivities around the area. One of the favorite things our family likes to do is to carve pumpkins. We loaded up the boys and headed over to a local farm market to pick out our pumpkins. We chose four, all various sizes, to represent each family member. A fellow pumpkin picker graciously took our picture. Everett is not too into strangers, which is a good thing, but because of this he looks miserable in this picture. He did seem to have fun though I think he was also unsure of what we were doing.


We took pictures of the boys with their pumpkins. Reid is still little so he didn’t notice it too much but Everett was fascinated by it. He took great interest in eating the stem. He wasn’t a fan but he must of thought it would taste better with each taste because he kept trying it. I wish he would have the same mindset with green vegetables!


Dustin carved the pumpkins, I cleaned most of them out but the kids required my attention so I wasn't able to finish. Dustin did a great job and was able to give each pumpkin their own personality. It took a majority of the evening but once he was done we had the most adorable pumpkins. Everett did not like his pumpkin once it was carved. The face was a little too much for him. Hopefully next year he’ll enjoy it more!

 Family Pumpkins

Dustin was out of town for another work trip over Halloween. We don’t celebrate the evil, spooky side of Halloween but we don’t see the harm in our kids wearing non-scary costumes and trick or treating. Because Dustin was gone though we went very low key this year. The boys and I stayed home and handed out candy to the trick or treaters. Reid slept but Everett handed out the candy with me. He loved seeing all the kids and each time I shut the door he reached to open it so he could see them again. He was a big hit with the little girls who were all about how cute they thought he was, can’t believe that is already starting!


Though we didn’t trick or treat ourselves I still wanted to dress the boys up in costumes. Halloween night we made plans with Dustin’s family to eat at a local restaurant that was giving free kid’s meals to those dressed up in costumes. Everett was a firefighter and Reid was the fire dog. I made the costumes with felt and tacky glue and miraculously everything stayed on!


Everett is not a fan of hats, despite this I purchased a firefighter’s hat just in case. We spent the day before playing with it and trying it on. He wore it happily but the day of when it was time to put everything on he was just not having it. Mission failed. I was sort of able to get him to wear it long enough for a picture but just barely. He also hated his boots, which were black boots with masking tape painted red. I was determined that he wear them though especially since he would not wear the hat. Thankfully he was distracted enough that he dealt with it, at least when they weren’t falling off which they did often because they were too big. Overall his outfit came together and maybe he’ll forgive us for what we had him be last year! I really loved out Reid’s turned out though! It took forever to cut out all of the little spots and glue them on but it was totally worth it. He looked so cute and he even dealt with wearing his hat. Like his brother he is not too crazy about wearing them either.


After dinner we all headed to Bass Pro for Halloween festivities they had there. We decorated pumpkins with foam stickers. Everett managed to pull off every sticker on his. So much for painstakingly decorating it for him! He did like holding on to it though.

Everett Dallas & Everett

They also had trick or treat throughout the store so this was the only trick or treating we did this year. Can we say tootsie rolls galore!?

Everett and Reid had their picture taken. I was so worried that Everett was going to fall off the bench or try to get down that I took him off just after he smiled for the camera so they weren’t able to get it. I still think the picture turned out cute though.

Everett & Reid

Reid like a typical baby slept the entire time but he looked very cute doing it!


Dustin wasn’t able to be with us so I made sure to take lots of pictures for him and he was able to Facetime the boys for a few seconds while we were at Bass Pro. We’re looking forward to next year when he’ll be able to be home so we can enjoy the fun as a family.

Kramer Cousins

We didn’t do a whole lot this year between the boys still being little and Dustin being out of town but what we did do was fun. Next year the boys will be two and one and will be a little more aware of what is going on. We are looking forward to the fun we’ll have over the holidays as they grow!

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