Thursday, November 6, 2014

Seeing Family

One of the things that has kept us busy the past two months has been spending time with family. First up was when two of my brothers and my sister stayed with us for five days while my parents were on vacation. It was a little wild with three teenagers in the house plus two babies but it was a lot of fun spending time with them. Everett loved having them here, especially his Uncle Marcus who he is a big fan of! Reid enjoyed all the time he was held. :)

Marcus & Reid
Keandra & Reid

Matthew, Marcus & Everett

About two weeks after my siblings left my grandparents came to town for a visit. They stayed with us for a few days and we really enjoyed the quality time with them. Reid was able to meet his Great-Grandparents for the first time and Everett was able to get to know them a little better.

Everett, Reid & Great Grandparents
Getting to know them included horsey rides on Great Papa who was at first called Old Papa, per his request, but then it was vetoed and he went by Great Papa.

Great Papa & Everett

Great Papa also gave Everett his first taste of coffee which he drinks black and Everett, crazy kid, actually liked it and kept going back for more!

Great Papa & Everett

The boys and I also visited Chocolate World and the Hershey Museum with them which was really nice and a lot of fun.

Everett, Reid & Great Grandparents
Everett, Reid & Great Grandparents

And being with my grandparents is never complete without making homemade ice cream and this time Everett was able to turn the crank!

Dustin, Everett, Marcus & Great Papa
Dustin, Karissa & Everett

We always enjoy time with my grandparents and this time was no exception!
The following weekend Dustin’s cousins were in town for a quick visit. We hit up Chocolate World and Everett rode the ride for the first time. He didn’t know what to think of it but for the rest of us it brought back memories as the last time we were there together my water had broken with Everett!

Dustin, Everett & Dallas 
We also enjoyed milkshakes and the trick or treat they had there. I didn’t take pictures there so the picture collages are borrowed from my sister-in-law.

Brittany's collage

We also stopped by Bass Pro for some fun.

Brittany's Collage

It was a quick and busy weekend that tired little boys out but it was a lot of fun!


The family visits didn’t end there though for a week or so after that Dustin’s grandmother and Uncle came to visit for a week. One of the days they were here we went to pick apples so that we could make apple butter later on. Dallas and Everett were very excited to be able to ride together with the guys and not the girls!

Everett & Dallas
Everett & Great Uncle Randy

Everett enjoyed spending time with his Great Uncle Randy who looked out for him and creatively made sure the sun stayed out of Everett’s eyes on the trip down.


We also saw white deer and spent time outside at Hollabough Bros. beautiful back lot.

Karissa, Everett, Dallas & Sadie

For the most part though we spent a laid back week with the family. Dustin was also gone during this time so it was nice being with loved ones while he was away.

Everett, Dallas & Sadie
Everett & Mimi
Reid & Aunt Brittany
Everett & Dogs
Reid & Mimi Great

At the end of the week we tried getting a picture with Mimi the Great but unfortunately I waited too long and Everett was worn out and not in the mood to take one. We still tried and ended up with some humorous photos.

Everett, Reid & Mimi Great
Everett, Reid & Mimi Great

This was proven as when we got home a poor little boy was wiped out and did not care where he was laid down!


We enjoyed the time with all of the family we were able to see and Reid was able to meet quite a few family members in a short amount of time. He has met all of his great grandparents except for one but we are gearing up to meet Papa the Great in the next week and are looking forward to it!

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