Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Everett & Reid

Thanksgiving. A day set aside to stop and reflect on our blessings, to express our thankfulness and show appreciation to our Creator for all our many blessings.

And for our little blessings it was a second Thanksgiving to celebrate.
And a first.

Thanksgiving started out low key with a cup of coffee for the parents and chocolate milk and formula for the boys. Since we don’t have TV stations Dustin was able to find a live stream of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade of which we watched a little bit.Then, when it was time, we loaded up the car and headed to my Uncle Paul and Aunt Rachel’s for a time of feasting with family.

Dustin, Reid & Everett

We arrived in time to help finalize the meal preparations and taste test the food, which is always fun.

Thanksgiving 2014 Thanksgiving 2014

For my family we were very excited to have my brother Malachi’s daughter, Jaliyah, with us for Thanksgiving. It had been a few months since we had seen her and we were excited to be with her again.

Jaliyah & Malachi
Jaliyah and “Baby Everett” were reunited. Of course “Baby Everett” is a little less baby each time she sees him but according to Jaliyah he is still a baby.

Everett & Jaliyah Jaliyah & Everett Reid, Jaliyah & Everett

This time there was a new baby, “Baby Reid”, to meet as well!

Reminiscing is bound to take place when twin brothers are together. Stories of switching identities and tricking others, memories of growing up in a family with four boys. The stories are often wildly entertaining and very enjoyable for sure.

Thanksgiving 2014
Thanksgiving 2014
Thanksgiving 2014
Thanksgiving 2014  Thanksgiving 2014 Thanksgiving 2014
Thanksgiving 2014
Thanksgiving Day was full of good food, loving family, laughter and of course, thankfulness.

And I am thankful. Thankful for God’s mercy and grace that He has bestowed upon us again and again. I am thankful for His presence that continues to envelope us, thankful that He delivers us from so many battles and gives us the strength and peace to face each one. I am thankful that He has kept His hand on us this past year guiding us as our family grew and decisions were made in regards to supporting them. I am thankful that He has kept His hands on both of my pregnancies and our boys are beautiful and healthy. I am thankful that He has provided Dustin with a good job that he can grow in and that it is one he enjoys. We don’t deserve any of these blessings yet He has blessed us.
And I am thankful for these three very special men in my life.

Dustin, Reid & Everett

The older man who works so very hard for his family, who has stood by side, been my best friend when I have so desperately needed one this past year and chosen to love me when I wasn’t very lovable. I am thankful for his dedication and commitment to his little family and his desire to provide and love them to the best he is able. And I’m thankful for the two little men who bring so much joy and laughter each day and are constantly teaching me what it means to love. These three are my family, my favorite people in the world, and I am so very thankful for them.

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