Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mom's Surprise Birthday Party - Part 2

Click here to read Part One

We took a ton of family pictures especially of Malachi, Courtney, Jaelynn & Jaliyah. Check out the family photo album. :)
Mom and her kids
The girls - Karissa, Keandra, Mom, Jaelynn, Courtney & Jaliyah
The guys - Malachi, Dad, Marcus, Micah, Matthew & Dustin
The kids & grandkids - Left to right - top row is Dustin, Karissa, Matthew, Micah, Courtney, Malachi & Jaliyah
Bottom row - Keandra, Jaelynn & Marcus
Dustin, Karissa, Courtney & Malachi
Malachi, Dad, Mom, Courtney, Jaliyah & Jaelynn
Mom & Dad with their grandkids
Mom & Jaliyah
Mom and her grandkids
Malachi, Courtney, Jaelynn & Jaliyah

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