Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mom's Surprise Birthday Party - Part 1

For the first time in the history of my mom being, well my mom, my family was able to surprise her. She almost always picks up on surprises and has an idea when something is going on. But this year we were able to pull off a surprise birthday party for her. The plan was they would be in town to drop my brothers off at a church event but I called and asked my mom if she could please stop by and see the baby's room as I was really anxious for her to see it. They would stop by and then we would go out for dinner. But the reality was she was coming over for a birthday celebration. The best surprise of all though was that my brother, Malachi and his family would be there. They were moving out of state and it would be the last time for quite awhile that we would all be together.

Malachi, Courtney, Jaelynn and Jaliyah arrived and parked their car down the street so my mom wouldn't see it. We then waited until my parent's arrived. It seemed to take forever, I'm not good with surprises plus I was also making dinner for everyone and am horrible with timing. My parent's car finally pulled into the driveway and my other siblings rushed in the door. My dad brought my mom in and she was shocked! We actually pulled it off!


My mom tends to get quiet when she is overwhelmed and so she was speechless. It was definitely worth the work to pull it off. We were even able to surprise her with her favorite birthday cake. It was nice being together and since my brother's family was moving, we made sure we got lots of pictures.

Mom & her birthday cake

Courtney & Micah
Jaelynn after a run-in with some Fun Dip
This little girl loooves cake!
Dad & Jaliyah
See Part 2 for more pictures.

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