Thursday, June 27, 2013

Entering the Final Stretch - Hello Third Tri!

Elephants are pregnant for 22 months! That sure puts things in perspective!
In just eleven weeks, maybe sooner, maybe later, we will be meeting our baby. It's hard to believe we are through the second trimester and officially in the third. Though this pregnancy is dragging in many more ways than it is flying by. I'm ready to meet him, I'm ready to start our new life, I'm ready to have our family together and on a vain note, I'm ready to have my body back. :) But there are still quite a few more things that need to be put into place and more importantly, as my nephew now says, the baby is still cooking. As eager as I am, I want him to stay right where he is until he is "all done".

The second trimester has been fairly easy. It's been an adjustment watching my belly getting bigger and though it is a good thing, it's hard getting used to seeing the scale jump every time I visit the doctor. I know that is incredibly shallow but it's been an adjustment watching my body go through so many changes. Especially embarrasing ones like becoming a major outie! But except for the baby being active at night and some back pain from sitting all day at my office job the symptons haven't been horrible and thankfully the morning sickenss hasn't returned (knock on wood). I did, embarassingly, fail my glucose test and so I now have to take a three hour test. I am staying away from all sugar from now on for sure. Well, mostly... Hoping and praying to pass this next one as failing means being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes.

It's really starting to sink in that we're closer to go time and it's starting to feel real. If it didn't before the biweekly doctor's appointments and then the appointments every week for the last month of my pregnancy confirm it. One of which is another scheduled ultrasound which we are excited about! The coolest thing is that I now feel him moving every day and it's not uncommon to watch my belly move back and forth. Such a weird and cool experience! He is a night owl and his most active time is 10:30 - 11PM. You'd think he was throwing a wild party the way my belly shakes! Every now and then I'll feel his little foot or head pop out, which weirds Dustin and I out a little bit. We know we won't but we're always scared we'll squish him if we touch it!

72ish days to go!!

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