Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lucketts & Jeetin'

A few weekends ago Dustin and I each spent two days doing separate activities. We usually do everything together and so it was a little bittersweet but it's good for us I know!

Dustin and a group of guys went jeetin', which is basically jeeping but my nephew's version of the word makes it sound cooler. They went to Rausch Creek which consists of mud holes, trails, rocks and mountains. They camped out, some of them had their first MRE's (prepackaged army food which stands for meals ready to eat), and they had a blast taking their jeeps through all kinds of mud holes and over large rocks. Definitely a fun guy's weekend away but this girl is hoping to go along next time. :)

I spent the weekend with my family. Friday evening was spent with my siblings just chilling at my parent's house. The next day my parents and I visited a flea market in Lucketts, Virginia. It was so much fun and there were so many unique things there. Many items were vintage items and they ranged from knick-knacks to furniture to suitcases and bottles. My mom found a few things and with the help of my dad, I found the perfect wood chest for the baby to use as a toy box. It was so nice spending the time with my parents, especially just the two of them. It's definitely a memory I'll treasure.

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