Friday, April 19, 2013

We're having a baby...


Our little man!
After counting down the days, then the hours and then the minutes the time of our ultrasound finally arrived! Once we got in the room the ultrasound tech asked if we wanted to know the gender, we said yes. As soon as I was set up she immediately pulled up the necessary shot, sat back and looked at us. "What do you think?" she asked. We knew right away but couldn't believe it, we had really been hoping for a boy and were doing our best to prepare for our girl. We, of course, would have loved a little girl just as much but there on the screen was the healthy, little boy we wanted! "It's a boy...?" I finally said, and she replied with a "yes, it is."
Baby's little spine
The ultrasound progressed as she got the necessary shots she needed, well tried! I knew our little boy (I can say that now!) was active as I feel him moving around all day but it was confirmed watching him on the screen. She asked me if there was ever a time of the day where he was still, I answered with a firm no and she replied with an "I can tell! This kid is wild, be prepared." He also liked teasing us, when she needed him to be still he would move and when she needed him to move, he would hold still. I'd say he gets the teasing honestly though. :)

Looks like he has his Daddy's long legs!
We didn't get to see his face too much as he was moving a lot and he liked covering it up. He actually had his little hands completely open and you could see his little fingers. They looked really long, I'm hoping he'll be a musician like his Dad and play the piano or guitar. Of course, I'll be proud of him no matter what but I'd love it if he inherited his Dad's musical talent!

Most importantly we were told that our son is healthy and right on track. I am so thankful for this little blessing, I am in awe of God's creation and design when I look at this little boy. My greatest prayer I could ever pray for our son and any future children, is that God's gives us the wisdom and guidance to raise him in the ways of the Lord. That he will not only know who Jesus Christ is but have a personal relationship with Him. That he will stand strong for the ways of God, stand firm in his convictions and never back down or walk away from what God has established in his life. Of all the many things Dustin and I can ever give our son, the very best thing, is to show him the way to Jesus and raise him in a home that honors our God in all we do. I pray, with God's help, we can accomplish this!

Thumbs up!
We're so excited about our little boy and cannot wait to meet him! I can't wait to see his little face, learn his personality and who he is. If he looks anything like his dad I know he'll be a very handsome little boy! ;) We're working on the fun stuff now, we've already picked out and bought paint colors for his room. We also are putting up chair rail, well actually, it's already up. Dustin put it up the night we found out we were having a son! He is definitely very excited and over the moon and he has a list of all the things he plans to do with his son. And I am so very excited for him, I know my two guys will have the time of their life!

A video of his little face

 A video of his stretching and constant movement!
And for those of you wondered and joked....there is definitely only one baby in there! 


  1. I love this post, especially the videos! I can't wait to meet my grandson!! You and Dustin will be such amazing parents.



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