Monday, April 15, 2013

Introducing Pippa

You may remember my mentioning Pippa here. Pippa is our cat; Dustin and I picked her out as a kitten after he lovingly gave in to my pleas and gifted her to me for our three year anniversary. She is our first baby and since it has been a year, I can safely say our first successful attempt at pet ownership. In the past we've had many, many fish which have all died and a kitten named Sailor who lived with us for two weeks before we decided we just weren't ready to handle a pet. He didn't die, he ended up with my Uncle and is very happy there.

Pippa's first day home

Pippa is a very affectionate kitty. She loves being at home with her "people" and her favorite room of the house is wherever we are. If we move she follows and settles herself in until we move again. She loves snuggling up on the couch and sleeping on our bed. As long as it is her idea first anyway.

She loves to play though her choice of toys are not the many cat toys we have purchased but the small items we own. Such as socks, preferably Dustin's, my gloves (I have been wearing a mismatched set most of this winter since she took off with the partners) and my hair elastics. She is incredibly clever. She has learned that if she waits until I get out of the shower she can snatch my unused hair elastic, I have to grab it first or consider it gone. She loves to play fetch with Dustin though her timing is a bit off. She likes to wait until he is in bed and ready to go to sleep until she brings a hair elastic and lays it next to him. She will fetch it countless times until Dustin hides it. She has once woken him up at night when she laid a piece of lettuce on his chest wanting to play.

She is adventurous and loves sitting on our deck (it is up high with no steps so she can't escape) watching the birds and sunning in her favorite corner. She notices every little noise and sometimes will investigate. If something moving grabs her attention she has a certain noise she makes to scare it off.

She is also quite the rascal. We still have not found a way to keep her off the kitchen counters, though we know she knows better, she still sneaks up. And we've tried the tin foil, water bottle, yell & scream tricks. She's stubborn and persistent, a sure sign she belongs with us. She also has an annoyingly cute habit where she likes to push any item off a surface. While adorable she often picks the wrong kind of items, she is also fascinated by the bubbles in glass of soda and will stick her paw in to catch them if you're not watching.

Despite these flaws she's our little kitty and we love having her around.



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