Friday, April 12, 2013

Pink or Blue?

April 18th (just 6 days away!!) is our scheduled ultrasound. We cannot wait to see our baby again, to make sure he/she is healthy and to find out if we are having a boy or girl! For months now I have been collecting baby ideas on secret Pinterest boards, I can't wait to see a few of them come to life. Pinning nursery ideas, cute girly things and cool boy things causes me to be on the fence on whether I want a boy or girl. Dustin is set on having a little boy which would be fine by me, they have so many cute boy things out now. Here are just a few baby things, photos are from Pinterest, that have caught my eye.

Baby Boy

This cardigan onesie with interchangeable bowties is adorable. Our son will so be wearing ties.

How cute is this vintage suit? All it needs is a miniature newsboy cap!

Loving the tool belt.

This photo-op idea is so precious.

Right now the nursery idea of choice is a vintage airplane theme. I love that it is a room baby can grow in. 

Baby Girl
It's common knowledge that every baby girl is a princess. I love this photo-op which showcases that in such a unique way. 
I love the idea of a simple, nature/garden/cottage themed nursery for a baby girl. Love the simplicity of this room.

Nature themed means tree branches....


and butterflies!

There are so many cute things that I have fallen in love with. Dustin and I agree on most of them. :) With so many great options I have found myself secretly hoping for boy-girl twins just so I could use them all. Though I think I could probably talk myself into calming down a bit, one cute thing at time never hurt anyone. ;)  

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  1. The airplane theme room is sooooo cool! Great idea for the baby's room. Of course I love tree branches too - that would make it hard to choose. Though I think you're done with trees for awhile. ;-)



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