Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Highlight Reel: Oh August

I was pretty convinced when I wrote my last post that we were only a couple weeks away from welcoming Reid into our family. And yet we are nearing the end of August and Reid seems to have very little desire to arrive. I guess he is pretty comfortable in his little cocoon! Technically I still have a week left until my due date but I was sure he would come early. My intuition was wrong apparently! We had a false alarm a week ago; despite the fact I was contracting four minutes apart for seven hours they were not causing labor to progress and so we were sent home from the hospital. Turns out I was slightly dehydrated and the contractions were Braxton Hicks. Since then the contractions have come and gone and we don't seem any closer to Mr. Reid letting us know he is ready to arrive. I was measuring three weeks behind and was sent for an ultrasound to make sure everything was okay and it is. Reid is measuring at 6 1/2 - 7 lbs according to the ultrasound and is right on track.

Though we much rather see his little face in person it was really cool to be able to see him on the ultrasound again. Maybe it's a slightly biased opinion but he is adorable and looks like, from what we can tell, just like his big brother. He may not be eager to arrive but after a doctor's visit this week it was decided that if he chooses not to come on his own I will start the induction process on the 26th. Like with my first pregnancy, my platelets are dropping and they are concerned that the longer I go the more issues I will have with bleeding during delivery. Because of this they want me to deliver as soon as possible. It's so great to know there is an end in sight now. Next week we will definitely have our little man in our arms even if we have to force him out! While I'd rather he come on his own I am hoping he waits until after this Friday because our first little man's 1st birthday party is this weekend!

I've been planning this party for months beginning with hours spent on Pinterest and then picking up things here and there. My goal was to have everything, with the exception of the food, bought and completed by the end of July. This was because I wasn't sure what was going to happen with Reid but it ended up being a great decision. Spreading out the planning over the months made the whole thing a lot less stressful and buying things here and there was great for the budget. I think I will definitely do that in the future as it makes things so much easier! I had a blast planning this and can't wait until the big day when everything is finalized and we can celebrate our little man in safari style! And yes, there will be animal print.
We are celebrating Everett's birthday with extended family and close friends this weekend but his actual birthday was the 18th. Even though he had no idea what day it was Dustin and I wanted to make his day special. We took him to Monkey Joe's but it turned out that the 3 and under inflatables weren't really as one year only friendly as we thought they would be so we ended up leaving. We decided to take him to the toy store to get his birthday crown & balloon and let him pick out something small but he fell asleep on the way and was out the entire time. So our grand plans were a little thrown off and we ended up at home for pizza and some Everett play time. He did enjoy his balloon when he woke up though. We also had a cake for him which he loved! 
It was an an ice cream cake and despite how cold it was he had no problem picking it up and putting it away. He was a little confused by the candle and we had to blow it out. We should probably practice before his party. Ha! Overall, I think he had a good birthday though maybe he didn't quite realize it. We had fun spoiling him and making the day about him even though that's how most days are anyways! I can't believe he is one! 
The next post should be about Everett's birthday party and the next one after that should be about our second little man! I am so excited! I am so anxious to see him and for us to begin life as a family of four. It'll be interesting to watch Everett's reaction to his little brother and to see them grow up together. The next weeks, months are going to be wild for sure but we are looking forward to it!

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