Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Highlight Reel: Ready for Reid

To say we've been busy around here is an understatement. Maybe it's nesting mode though most likely my personality, but we've kicked it into high gear to get those last few things done before Reid arrives. This has included the huge project of cleaning our downstairs and setting up the spare bedroom. And folks, the impossible was made possible and it is finished!

There are a few things that we'd like to do like paint the room, possibly paint the furniture white and find some kind of decor for the walls. But the main objective has been accomplished and that was cleaning it out and setting up a bed. Now my mom has a place to sleep! :)

We also got rid of all that junk in family room. Finally! The only unwanted things left are items we are in the process of trying to sell. I can't believe we were able to get so much done. It's a huge relief.

The other things we've accomplished were cleaning the baby carseat and packing bags for myself and Everett. We are definitely ready for Reid though he needs to stay in just a little bit longer, he needs to cook some more.

Now that our checklist is complete the next few weeks can be all about resting as much as possible and focusing on Everett. His days of an only child are numbered and we want to make the most of it while we can. Poor little guy has no idea what's coming and I want to give him as much attention as I can now. The next few weeks my posting will be taking a back seat for this purpose. I want to focus on my little man and be in the moment with him and not focus so much on photographing and blogging about them. And I'm sure shortly we'll be busy just trying to survive but I do plan to post, just not as often.

Right now we're enjoying our little man who is keeping us busy with his full on crawling (yes he is!!) and his new found skill of pulling himself up on everything!

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